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Walter Scott Prize – What is Literary Historical Fiction?

James Wood (in wise-facetious mood) makes excellent and interesting observations about Hilary Mantel’s Cromwell novels for The New Yorker this week, but ...Read Article

Will you shoot Hitler?

If you pre-order Sniper Elite V2 you get an additional scenario – the chance to kill Hitler. One bullet can change history, as the ...Read Article

The People’s Book Prize – Every Man for Himself

The late, great Beryl Bainbridge is perhaps not thought of first as a historical novelist but some of her best books are in ...Read Article

Injustice – Spring prize-winning fiction

Original fiction by Ralph Jackman Chosen by guest judge, Joan Szechtman, “Injustice” was first published on the Historical Novel Society website on 1st ...Read Article

Historical Novel Society – How the NorCal Chapter arrived

Julie K. Rose is author of the novels Oleanna and The Pilgrim Glass. Visit the NorCal chapter’s FB page here.   In ...Read Article

The Bleeding Land and the English Civil Wars

The launch of Giles Kristian‘s latest novel inspires Richard Lee to look at a period recently neglected by historical novelists. The English ...Read Article

Guide: Christian Historical Fiction

I first came to appreciate Christian Historical fiction because I felt I couldn’t read one more novel about yet another King, Queen, ...Read Article

Connecting Readers and Writers

(Mary Tod has more fascinating analysis of this survey at her Writer of History blog, and Sarah Johnson discusses readers’ favourite historical novelists, ...Read Article

Guide: The English Civil Wars

The English Civil Wars is a period rich in opportunities for the author.  There is the breakdown of political society culminating of the ...Read Article

Gin Lane Gazette – an unusual publishing project

Meet Nathaniel Crowquill, editor of the Gin Lane Gazette – here seen down through the ages as the decades take their toll on his ...Read Article

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