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Walter Scott Prize: The Quality of Mercy

[toc] Barry Unsworth’s The Quality of Mercy: when the Historical Novel tackles the ‘big issue’ Barry Unsworth has been shortlisted for the ...Read Article

Walter Scott Prize shortlist: Half Blood Blues

[toc] Esi Edugyan’s Half Blood Blues: fiddling while Rome burns Edugyan’s first novel, The Second Life of Samuel Tyne, garnered some ...Read Article

Walter Scott Prize shortlist: The Stranger’s Child

[toc] Alan Hollinghurst’s The Stranger’s Child: The anti-historic novel Alan Hollinghurst’s earlier books have been novels of contemporary manners, particularly ...Read Article

Rome: The Eagle of the Twelfth

Following The Emperor’s Spy and The Coming of the King, The Eagle of the Twelfth is the third book in Manda Scott‘...Read Article

Walter Scott Prize shortlist: Pure

[toc] Andrew Miller’s Pure: the Historical Novel as ‘time outside time’ Andrew Miller won the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, the James ...Read Article

Walter Scott Prize shortlist: On Canaan’s Side

[toc] Sebastian Barry’s On Canaan’s Side: the Historical Novel as a Paean of Loss Sebastian Barry has been twice short-listed for ...Read Article

Meat Tile Anyone? How Nancy Bilyeau used a 16th Century Dish

I like to put food in my writing. People eat. Readers gain from characters’ choices in food, how they respond to it, how ...Read Article

The border between truth and lies: Hilary Mantel

“The border between truth and lies is permeable and blurred because it is planted thick with rumour”: Lucinda Byatt talks to Hilary Mantel. &...Read Article

The Emerald Storm – William Dietrich on Ethan Gage’s latest adventure

Jenny Barden recently had the privilege of being able to put a few questions to William Dietrich about his writing and his new ...Read Article

A Chronicler of People’s Stories

An interview with Gabrielle Kimm Gabrielle Kimm is passionate about her writing, her latest book and her characters. In fact, you might imagine ...Read Article

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