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Connecting Readers and Writers

(Mary Tod has more fascinating analysis of this survey at her Writer of History blog, and Sarah Johnson discusses readers’ favourite historical novelists, ...Read Article

Gin Lane Gazette – an unusual publishing project

Meet Nathaniel Crowquill, editor of the Gin Lane Gazette – here seen down through the ages as the decades take their toll on his ...Read Article

Elizabeth Chadwick and Sharon Kay Penman

Elizabeth Chadwick and Sharon Kay Penman make an awesome pairing. They are two of the best historical fiction writers of our time – of ...Read Article

Historical Fiction Daily

If you glance up to the top of this website you’ll see the familiar Twitter and Facebook links (and we’d be ...Read Article

Time-slip historicals – twice as hard to write?

HNS member Deborah Swift is the author of The Lady’s Slipper and The Gilded Lily. This feature is from her blog, The ...Read Article

Aux armes – citoyens!

The excellent Drum’s Book Club has picked Dickens’ poignant French Revolution historical novel A Tale of Two Cities as this month’s ...Read Article

Some historical drama films you may not have seen

One thing that’s spectacularly easier now than it used to be is watching films. The DVD rental sites allow us to watch ...Read Article

Forgotten, Betrayed, Reviled: The Lost Women of the Bible

It is a truism that history is written by the victors. Western history and culture have their roots deep in the Judaeo-Graeco-Roman tradition, ...Read Article

Three Queens and a Knave: Interview with C.W. Gortner

C. W. Gortner is one of the most successful writers of popular historical fiction to emerge in recent years. His novels about some ...Read Article

The Gourmands

First published in the Winter 2011 edition of Solander magazine – copyright remains with the author. Michael J. DeLuca came to “The Gourmands” through rather ...Read Article

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