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In Celebration: The Bicentennial of Pride & Prejudice

2013 marks the bicentennial of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, one of the most famous historical romances of all time. It seems incredible ...Read Article

Language & Historical Fiction: An Exploration of Style, Idiom & Anachronism

Getting the facts right is one of the principal jobs of the writer of historical fiction. When did men start wearing cravats? What ...Read Article

History & Film: Lust & Greed — Double Indemnity

When one speaks of film noir (“black film”), it’s a genre that conjures immediate associations – highly stylized American films from the 1930s ...Read Article

New Voices: Jenny Barden, Patricia Bracewell, Kristin Gleeson & Enid Shomer

Jenny Barden, Patricia Bracewell, Kristin Gleeson, and Enid Shomer provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of the inspiration for their debut novels. It started with a ...Read Article

Douglas Jackson speaks with Tim Hodkinson about the inspiration of Rome

Billy Connolly once commented about the Scottish soldier: “People have this notion of the romantic Highlander….but most of the fighting was done ...Read Article

Lindsey Davis’ fabulous closing address at HNSLondon12

Read Article

Christian Cameron on reenacting and Tom Swan

They say—write what you know.  If I were an actor, I’d be a method actor, I suspect.  I like to know—...Read Article

Lionheart: Sharon Kay Penman discusses her latest medieval epic with Tamela McCann

Amongst the many excellent historical authors working today, Sharon Kay Penman rises easily to the top. Her attention to research and detail has ...Read Article

Scurrilous? Hilarious! Diana Gabaldon, Bernard Cornwell and Gillian Bagwell read from Gillian’s novel the Darling Strumpet

The latest video from HNSLondon12 is now online and has received over 3000 views in the first few hours. It is… not for the ...Read Article

A Masterclass in Character: Theresa Breslin’s Spy for the Queen of Scots

Author of numerous award-winning books for children and young adults, including the historical novels The Nostradamus Prophecy, Remembrance, The Medici Seal, and Prisoner ...Read Article

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