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Richard Lee talks with Paul Lynch about his debut Red Sky in Morning

RL: You’ve been a film critic for some time. How do you think films inform your way of writing? Any specific film(...Read Article

The Historian, Issue 117, Historical Fiction Edition

The Spring 2013 issue of The Historian is a special historical fiction edition – and the Historical Association have very kindly allowed us to share ...Read Article

New Voices: John Henry Clay, Margaret Skea, Donna Thorland & Alana White

John Henry Clay, Margaret Skea, Donna Thorland and Alana White explain the inspiration for their novels. Donna Thorland’s novel The Turncoat (Penguin, ...Read Article

Red Pencil: Translating Historical Fiction

Technological innovations give us greater access to historical novels written in an author’s native tongue. Translating those works into English, however, isn’...Read Article

John Saturnall’s sense-world: 17th century food and myth

John Saturnall’s Feast is a sumptuous account of cooking and food lore, as well as a love story set in the English ...Read Article

New freedoms, new dangers: Susanna Jones’ Edwardian women

The Edwardian era is the setting for Susanna Jones’ latest novel, the psychological thriller When Nights Were Cold. The protagonists are four young ...Read Article

Elizabeth and Mary: leadership lost and won

Should we act from the head or from the heart? In Jane Austen’s terms: from sense or sensibility? Two queens epitomize this ...Read Article

The ghosts of wartime past: Simone St. James’ 1920s Gothic fiction

SJ: An Inquiry into Love and Death is set in post-WWI England, and the war still exerts a strong pull on the characters. ...Read Article

Sea battles in the 18th and 19th centuries

When I decided to try my hand at writing, one historical period, the climax of the age of fighting sail (the twenty-two-year period ...Read Article

The book and its cover: historical fiction cover art

Pick up an old book, say an Edwardian-era printing. The cover may be plain, cloth-covered board or tooled leather with gilded type. Regardless, ...Read Article

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