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Going Indie?: Why Quality Matters in Self-published Fiction

The HNS is one of the rare venues willing to review Indie – self-published – fiction. Many refuse to accept Indie books because, “We’ll ...Read Article

Forgotten Author: The Work of Ardyth Kennelly

When a sequel regularly sells on the used book site for over ten times the price of the first novel, ...Read Article

My Heroines: Women and the Crimean War

As a military historian, my research often uncovers stories with a high impact, drawn from violence and the suffering of not only men, ...Read Article

Haunted Triangles: When the “Other Woman” is a First Wife

Remember the insane Bertha Rochester setting fire to Thornhill? Or the murdered Rebecca de Winter trapped in an underwater grave? For those of ...Read Article

In Celebration: The Bicentennial of Pride & Prejudice

2013 marks the bicentennial of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, one of the most famous historical romances of all time. It seems incredible ...Read Article

Language & Historical Fiction: An Exploration of Style, Idiom & Anachronism

Getting the facts right is one of the principal jobs of the writer of historical fiction. When did men start wearing cravats? What ...Read Article

History & Film: Lust & Greed — Double Indemnity

When one speaks of film noir (“black film”), it’s a genre that conjures immediate associations – highly stylized American films from the 1930s ...Read Article

New Voices: Jenny Barden, Patricia Bracewell, Kristin Gleeson & Enid Shomer

Jenny Barden, Patricia Bracewell, Kristin Gleeson, and Enid Shomer provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of the inspiration for their debut novels. It started with a ...Read Article

Douglas Jackson speaks with Tim Hodkinson about the inspiration of Rome

Billy Connolly once commented about the Scottish soldier: “People have this notion of the romantic Highlander….but most of the fighting was done ...Read Article

Lindsey Davis’ fabulous closing address at HNSLondon12

Read Article

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