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The March of the Legions

An Interview with authors Nick Brown & Anthony Riches The camp fires of the Roman legions have long since died away, but they ...Read Article

Judging the Walter Scott Prize

Professor Louise Richardson talks to Lucinda Byatt It is not very usual for literary prizes to include academics on their judging panels. Professor ...Read Article

Lace, Love & Contraband

Author Iris Anthony discusses her novel, The Ruins of Lace EC: What fascinates you about the forbidden lace trade in the 17th century? ...Read Article

To Horse! Horses and Riding in the Historical Novel

Most historical novels that include riding give nothing very much in the way of what it feels like to be on a horse. ...Read Article

The Olympics in Historical Fiction: An Elusive Event

The mere mention of the London Olympics conjures up a raft of superlatives. Over 10,000 athletes will compete in hundreds of events covering 26 sports. ...Read Article

History & Film: Strange in Fact, but True in Law: Garrow’s Law

I admit to being a fan of the original Law & Order television series, a police procedural/legal drama which ran for 20 years (1990...Read Article

New Voices: Moonyeen Blakey, James Hawking, Regina O’Melveny & Jean Zimmerman

Debut novelists Moonyeen Blakey, James Hawking, Regina O’Melveny and Jean Zimmerman provide insight into the inspiration for their novels. Fascination with a ...Read Article

How authors can promote their work on Goodreads

Here is the presentation Patrick Brown from Goodreads gave to our HNS – Northern California chapter over the weekend of 14th July 2012. It’s ...Read Article

Diana Gabaldon and Margaret George on the importance of historic sites for their writing

Margaret George, author of some of the finest biographical historical fiction of recent years, and Diana Gabaldon, author of the bestselling Outlander series ...Read Article

MM Bennetts interviews Nancy Bilyeau on the nail-biting day before the winner of the Ellis Peters Historical Dagger is announced

Nancy Bilyeau‘s first novel, The Crown, a Tudor mystery steeped in the morally twisted world of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, has ...Read Article

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