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New Voices: Lorna Cook, Molly Greeley, Alan Hlad & Alec Marsh

WRITTEN BY MYFANWY COOK Debut novelists Lorna Cook, Molly Greeley, Alan Hlad and Alec Marsh create intriguing characters set against the backdrop of ...Read Article

History Rhymes: The Function and Importance of Historical Fantasy

WRITTEN BY KRISTEN MCQUINN Within every issue of Historical Novels Review one section of reviews is labeled “Historical Fantasy,” where readers find books ...Read Article

Marley Lives Again: What Dickens Left Out

WRITTEN BY SAMANTHA SILVA Jacob Marley is not dead, to begin with. He’s very much alive, and he’s the force of ...Read Article

Hidden History: Sexual Violence Against Women & Survivor’s Guilt in World War II

WRITTEN BY CHARLOTTE WIGHTWICK There are many stories about World War II: those of horror from the concentration camps, of the heroism of ...Read Article

History & Film: The Rehabilitation of Mary Stuart

A conundrum: for 2018’s Mary Queen of Scots, how does one avoid a History & Film that won’t be perceived as one ...Read Article

An Innocent Abroad: A First-timer’s Experience at the HNS Maryland Conference

WRITTEN BY GILL PAUL The adventure began for me with a day that lasted 23 hours, from wakening in London to falling into a ...Read Article

Going Far: James Meek’s Pertinent Findings from a Medieval Journey

WRITTEN BY KAREN HOWLETT ‘When I met you on the road near my home, I thought me the qualm was a tale,’ said ...Read Article

Voices of the Past: S.G. MacLean Discusses the Art of Mastering Your Research

WRITTEN BY DOUGLAS KEMP S.G. (Shona) MacLean has recently published the fourth in the popular Damian Seeker series, set in seventeenth-century Britain, ...Read Article

“Blown off track by the winds of chance” – The Accidentals by Minrose Gwin

It is often a flash of an image that catches one’s eye that is the trigger for something much bigger. In this ...Read Article

The Turn of Midnight by Minette Walters: Viewing History from the Margins

“There are many worse criminals in history than there are in crime fiction,” Minette Walters says, discussing her move from best-selling crime fiction — ...Read Article

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