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Anything important – sex, death, love, freedom, whatever – and the Romans’ views were very different from ours. MM Bennetts in conversation with Harry Sidebottom

I first encountered Harry Sidebottom two summers ago, at the Kelmarsh Festival of History, where he he had been talking about Rome to ...Read Article

Toby’s Room and the art of explication

In the first of our series of features looking at the language of the six historical novels shortlisted for this year’s Walter ...Read Article

Walter Scott Prize 2013: Using the Language of the Dead.

Last year we looked at the Walter Scott Prize shortlist trying to define ‘literary historical fiction‘.  This year we want to think about ...Read Article

Erika Robuck on her new release Call me Zelda, as Gatsby opens in Cannes

AF: Congrats on the release of your third novel, Call Me Zelda. Like Hemingway’s Girl, Call Me Zelda is getting rave reviews ...Read Article

Kate Braithwaite talks to Caroline Leavitt about cold hands, Communism and a new use for social media

Caroline Leavitt, author of nine novels, including New York Times bestseller, Pictures of You, has turned to writing about the past and fallen ...Read Article

Deborah Swift talks Home Front Girls with Rosie Goodwin, the new Catherine Cookson

Rosie Goodwin has been billed as ‘the new Catherine Cookson’. Her latest book Home Front Girls is just out. Deborah Swift took the ...Read Article

Paul Fraser Collard on his debut novel, The Scarlet Thief, released yesterday – a new rival for Richard Sharpe

RL: Why the Crimean War? In my mind it is associated with Florence Nightingale (therefore, the wounded), with the grainy photos of Roger ...Read Article

Edward Rutherfurd talks Paris, the creative process and the ebb and flow of historical fiction with Mary Tod

Paris. City of love. City of dreams. City of splendor. City of saints and scholars. City of gaiety. Sink of iniquity. In two ...Read Article

Richard Lee talks with Paul Lynch about his debut Red Sky in Morning

RL: You’ve been a film critic for some time. How do you think films inform your way of writing? Any specific film(...Read Article

The Historian, Issue 117, Historical Fiction Edition

The Spring 2013 issue of The Historian is a special historical fiction edition – and the Historical Association have very kindly allowed us to share ...Read Article

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