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History & Film | A Still & Quiet Horror: Lady Macbeth

As I write this, it’s nearing Halloween, so my first thought was to pick something rather monstrous – perhaps the various incarnations of ...Read Article

New Voices: Louise Allan, Carrie Callaghan, Ruqaya Izzidien, and Glenn Skwerer

Louise Allan, Carrie Callaghan, Ruqaya Izzidien, and Glenn Skwerer share insights into the challenges confronting their protagonists and the impact of living in ...Read Article

Pitch Perfect: William Boyd’s Ode to the Rollercoaster of Life and Love

“The whole-life novel is a small genre with very eclectic exemplars.” William Boyd, a multi-genre, multi-award-winning author, has made it something of a ...Read Article

Precious and Fragile Places: Sally Zigmond Digs into Sarah Maine’s Multi-layered Novel, Women of the Dunes

Sarah Maine’s historical novels cover a variety of periods, with Scotland at the forefront as setting, although other countries known for their ...Read Article

The Moral Benefit of Pain: How the Discovery of Chloroform Led to Murder

We take pain relief for granted, especially the mothers amongst us, whose childbirth was made bearable by some form of anaesthetic. In the ...Read Article

A World of Blue: Espionage, Artistry and Early Modern Women

Simone van der Vlugt’s Midnight Blue (HarperCollins UK, 2017 / William Morrow US, 2018) is set in mid-17th-century Netherlands, while Nancy Bilyeau’s The ...Read Article

Young Adult War Fiction: Fixture or Trend?

A short perusal of Historical Novels Review’s Children’s & Young Adult book reviews over the past year reveals an interesting statistic: ...Read Article

Women pushing the boundaries of convention – The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Hazel Gaynor

Grace Darling was born in 1815 and rose to fame in 1838 for her part in the rescue of passengers on the SS Forfarshire, a ...Read Article

Great Historical Fiction: A Personal Journey

Listing the ten greatest novels of historical fiction is less a matter of selecting the best as defining what not to include. In ...Read Article

Ray & Pat Browne Library for Popular Culture Studies: a Resource for Historical Novelists

I’m going to break my own rules in this article. Normally I write about university and cultural heritage institutions’ digitized collections that ...Read Article