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More Historical Transportation Resources: Horse-Drawn Vehicles and Canals

A few months ago I wrote an article titled Get Your Characters from A to B Authentically: Online Resources for Ground Transportation. With ...Read Article

Were the 1950s “the Good Old Days”? The Great Pretenders by Laura Kalpakian

A historical novel’s appeal lies largely in how it brings to life a time that’s past and one about which we ...Read Article

Getting to the Heart of Harriet Tubman: The Tubman Command by Elizabeth Cobbs

She may have to wait a few more years to make her appearance on the US twenty-dollar bill, but Harriet Tubman has been ...Read Article

Wunderland by Jennifer Epstein: Nightmare and Awakening

Only a dwindling group of eighty- and ninety-year-olds can remember Nazi Germany and most of them were children at the time. However, the ...Read Article

New books by HNS members, May 2019

Congrats to the following authors on their new releases! If you’ve written a historical novel or nonfiction work published (or to be ...Read Article

Time-slip & Local History: Interweaving Past and Present

It is a question that may have crossed your mind if you live in a historic neighbourhood, with a rich history: why not ...Read Article

Ask the Agent: Giles Milburn and Elizabeth Macneal

Richard Lee talks to Giles Milburn and the agency’s newest star, Elizabeth Macneal The Madeleine Milburn Agency is in Shepherd Market, an ...Read Article

Nazi Hunters & Night Witches: Claire Morris Speaks to Kate Quinn about Her Exciting New Novel, The Huntress

For nearly a decade, Kate Quinn has been captivating historical fiction enthusiasts with her fast-paced plots, interesting characters and colourful depictions of ancient ...Read Article

Natural Connections: Niamh Boyce’s Her Kind

In 1324, Dame Alice Kytler, imprisoned by Richard Ledrede, Bishop of Ossory, became the first woman in Ireland to be tried for heretical sorcery. ...Read Article

Taking Liberties: At the Boundaries of Fictionalised History

Two of my early novels are “historical fiction,” which is usually defined as a historical novel with predominantly fictional characters describing mainly fictional ...Read Article