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New books by Historical Novel Society members, February 2024

We appreciate knowing about our members’ new books!  If you’ve written a historical novel or nonfiction work published (or to be published) ...Read Article

A True Crime Springboard: Eleni Kyriacou’s The Unspeakable Acts of Zina Pavlou

WRITTEN BY MARILYN PEMBERTON Fact: December 1954, Holloway Prison: Styllou Christofi, a Cypriot grandmother, is hanged for the murder of her German daughter-in-law, Hella. ...Read Article

History & Film | Why Animated Documentaries Matter

WRITTEN BY ALEXANDER K. SMITH I remember the exact moment that I began to take animated documentaries seriously. I was a first year ...Read Article

Genealogical Tall Tales: Elizabeth Gonzalez Jones’s Family Epic Set in the Old West

WRITTEN BY JEAN HUETS As so often happens when family lore is spun, The Bullet Swallower (Simon & Schuster, 2024), by Elizabeth Gonzalez James, ...Read Article

Re-Embodying the Past: A Trio of Biofictions Prompts Some Questions

WRITTEN BY LUCINDA BYATT Where are the overlaps between history, biography and biofiction? The late Natalie Zemon Davis wrote with regard to the ...Read Article

Regency Romance: Ensuring the Genre’s Appeal for New Generations of Readers

WRITTEN BY RAYMOND H. THOMPSON As with so much in life, there lies, at the heart of Regency Romance, a profound irony: the ...Read Article

Gilded Age Murder: Mariah Fredericks Discusses The Wharton Plot

WRITTEN BY SARAH JOHNSON In Mariah Fredericks’ The Wharton Plot (Minotaur, 2024), set in 1911 New York City, Edith Wharton delves into the circumstances behind ...Read Article

New Voices: Emma R. Alban, Avery Cunningham, Sarah Marsh & Joel H. Morris

BY MYFANWY COOK Colourful characters and intriguing historical insights set against periods of social, economic and political transition are intertwined in the debut ...Read Article

Crete Expectations: Eleanor Kuhns on Her New Series

WRITTEN BY DOUGLAS KEMP Eleanor Kuhns is a successful and popular writer of historical fiction. With her first book published in 2012, the Will ...Read Article

Tonya Mitchell on Finding the “Inspiration” for the Second Book

BY TRISH MACENULTY In 2020, Tonya Mitchell published her first historical novel, A Feigned Madness (Cennan Books)— a fictionalized version of the story of ...Read Article