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History & Film: Women Doing What They Must: Female Strategizing in The White Princess

WRITTEN BY MISTY URBAN Much of Philippa Gregory’s royal fiction explores the ways women survive challenges and claim power. In the TV ...Read Article

New Voices: Mari Coates, Janice Hadlow, Denise Heinze, & Miranda Malins

WRITTEN BY MYFANWY COOK Creating mosaics from history, literature, & art, Mari Coates, Janice Hadlow, Denise Heinze, & Miranda Malins incorporate intriguing characters ...Read Article

An Underground Threat: Robards’ Dramatic Use of Subplot in The Black Swan of Paris

WRITTEN BY KATIE STINE There is no lack of action in a novel set during Nazi-occupied Paris. Karen Robards’ new novel, The Black ...Read Article

Immortal in Music & Love: Jessica Duchen’s Compelling Epistolary Novel

WRITTEN BY LUCINDA BYATT In this 250th anniversary year, Beethoven’s music would have been celebrated in concert halls around the world had “...Read Article

A Risky Business: Irish Historical Fiction

WRITTEN BY NIAMH BOYCE  It’s a good time for Irish historical fiction. Christine Dwyer Hickey won the eleventh Walter Scott Prize for ...Read Article

Re-Imagining New York: Gregory Maguire’s Novel, A Wild Winter Swan

WRITTEN BY KRISTEN MCDERMOTT Gregory Maguire is best known for his “Return to Oz” series, beginning with the massive 1995 bestseller Wicked, which inspired ...Read Article

Ancient Ways Enlighten Modern Lives in Daughter of Black Lake by Cathy Marie Buchanan

Daughter of Black Lake by Cathy Marie Buchanan is a beautiful, immersive look into the lives of a British Celtic village on the ...Read Article

Food is Always Significant: Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook by Celia Rees

Years ago, when Celia Rees found a copy of The Radiation Cookery Book amongst her mother’s effects she knew it would impact ...Read Article

The Woman Before Wallis by Bryn Turnbull: King Edward VIII’s Devotion to Thelma Furness

In her novel The Woman before Wallis (Mira, 2020), Bryn Turnbull has written about the life of Thelma Furness (née Morgan), twin sister ...Read Article

A Collection of Myths and Folklore: The Library of Legends by Janie Chang

With her two earlier novels, Dragon Springs Road and Three Souls, Janie Chang established a reputation for successfully combining historical fiction with magical ...Read Article