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Multiperiod Gothic Thriller: The Bleeding by Johana Gustawsson

BY MARILYN PEMBERTON Three women, three eras, and three storylines interweave into one astounding climax. 1899, Belle Époque Paris. Lucienne grieves for her two ...Read Article

Launch: Adrienne Dillard’s Keeper of the Queen’s Jewels: A Novel of Jane Seymour

INTERVIEW BY SUSAN HIGGINBOTHAM Adrienne Dillard’s previous works include bestselling novels, Cor Rotto: A Novel of Catherine Carey and The Raven’s ...Read Article

Launch: Gina Buonaguro’s The Virgins of Venice

INTERVIEW BY REBEKAH SIMMERS Born in New Jersey, USA, Gina Buonaguro currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Her historical novel, The Virgins of Venice, ...Read Article

Launch: Kip Wilson’s One Last Shot

INTERVIEW BY TRACEY WARR Kip Wilson’s extraordinary novel in verse form, One Last Shot, is published today. Her previous publications were White ...Read Article

Launch: Michael Ross’s Across the Great Divide Book 3: The Founding

INTERVIEW BY LESLIE S. LOWE Michael Ross is a retired software engineer turned author, living in Kansas. He was born in Lubbock, Texas, ...Read Article

Silenced No More: A Teller of Tales by Marilyn Pemberton

BY ELIZABETH K. CORBETT Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hayes is a young woman who dreams of something more than her life in 1820s Staffordshire. She ...Read Article

When You are More than a Muse: The Stolen Book of Evelyn Aubrey by Serena Burdick

BY HELEN PIPER In her novel The Stolen Book of Evelyn Aubrey (Park Row Books, 2022), Serena Burdick describes the complicated lives of Evelyn, ...Read Article

More Historical Body Modifications: Hairstyles, Piercing and Footbinding

BY B.J. SEDLOCK Building on my previous article from 2021, here are some more historical body modifications you might want to research for ...Read Article

Launch: John Winn Miller’s The Hunt for the Peggy C

INTERVIEW BY SUSAN HIGGINBOTHAM John Winn Miller is an award-winning investigative reporter (a Pulitzer finalist), foreign correspondent, newspaper editor and publisher, screenwriter, movie ...Read Article

Launch: Edward H. Carpenter’s Seven Lives to Repay Our Country

INTERVIEW BY DAVID CONNON Edward H. Carpenter is a 29-year veteran of the U.S. military, who spent most of his life as ...Read Article