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History & Film: Are You Not Entertained? Truth and the Historical Films of Ridley Scott

In 2018 Sir Ridley Scott received a lifetime achievement fellowship from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) – its highest award. In ...Read Article

New Voices: Colleen Adair Fliedner, Matt Gianni, Janet Hancock & Kip Wilson

Kip Wilson has blended her interest in poetry with her skills as an author to create her Young Adult fiction novel White Rose (...Read Article

History on Ice: Historical Fiction of the Polar Regions

I date my literary interest in the Arctic to Nevil Shute’s An Old Captivity. This time-slip novel about the Viking settlement of ...Read Article

Dazzle with Delight: Marking the Anniversaries of the Walter Scott and James Tait Black Memorial Prizes

This summer marks important anniversaries for two of the UK’s premier literary prizes: the tenth anniversary of the Walter Scott Prize for ...Read Article

The Changing Role of Women in Espionage during World War II: Jennifer Ryan’s The Spies of Shilling Lane

The Spies of Shilling Lane (Crown, 2019) is an exhilarating spy thriller and the touching coming-of-middle-age story of a woman, who transforms from provincial ...Read Article

Silence and Spotlight: The Extremes of Activity in Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini

“If the Führer says it is true, it must be true, however preposterous.”  – Arvid, Resistance Women, p. 438   In 2019, when we hear ...Read Article

More Historical Transportation Resources: Horse-Drawn Vehicles and Canals

A few months ago I wrote an article titled Get Your Characters from A to B Authentically: Online Resources for Ground Transportation. With ...Read Article

Were the 1950s “the Good Old Days”? The Great Pretenders by Laura Kalpakian

A historical novel’s appeal lies largely in how it brings to life a time that’s past and one about which we ...Read Article

Getting to the Heart of Harriet Tubman: The Tubman Command by Elizabeth Cobbs

She may have to wait a few more years to make her appearance on the US twenty-dollar bill, but Harriet Tubman has been ...Read Article

Wunderland by Jennifer Epstein: Nightmare and Awakening

Only a dwindling group of eighty- and ninety-year-olds can remember Nazi Germany and most of them were children at the time. However, the ...Read Article