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A Channel for Odysseus: On Wine-Dark Seas by Tad Crawford

BY AJ LYNDON Before writing his two novels, On Wine-Dark Seas (Skyhorse, 2023) and A Floating Life (Arcade, 2014), Tad Crawford had a successful career ...Read Article

Launch: Interview Special – Carol M. Cram on the HNSNA 2023 Conference

INTERVIEW BY REBEKAH SIMMERS The Historical Novel Society North America 2023 Conference (HNSNA 2023) is taking place in San Antonio, Texas, 8-10 June 2023 (both in ...Read Article

New books by Historical Novel Society members, February 2023

Below is a listing of our author members’ newest publications – congratulations to all!  If you’ve written a historical novel or nonfiction work ...Read Article

A Living, Breathing Poem: Mary Calvi on Alice and Teddy Roosevelt

WRITTEN BY ILYSA MAGNUS Mary Calvi, a multi-Emmy award-winning investigative journalist and weekend host of Inside Edition, does not need another project. Her ...Read Article

New Voices: Dan Jones, Kristen Loesch, Ciera Horton McElroy & Susan Stokes-Chapman

WRITTEN BY MYFANWY COOK Debut novelists Dan Jones, Kristen Loesch, Ciera Horton McElroy, and Susan Stokes-Chapman have creatively transformed historical fact into their ...Read Article

Seams Sewn: Bianca Pitzorno’s Tribute to Seamstresses Past and Present

WRITTEN BY LUCINDA BYATT Bianca Pitzorno is one of Italy’s most renowned children’s writers and the award-winning author of some 70 works ...Read Article

History & Film: Scarecrows & Angel Makers

WRITTEN BY ELISABETH LENCKOS The majority of historical series and films set in twentieth-century Germany take place during the twelve-year period between 1933 and 1945, ...Read Article

Art as Truth/Art as Lie: Henriette Lazardis on Terra Nova

WRITTEN BY JANICE OTTERSBERG Terra Nova (new land), Antarctica, Terra Australis (southern land), the South Pole. It is the early 20th century, when ...Read Article

Outlandish History: The World-Changing Fiction of Diana Gabaldon

WRITTEN BY WILLY MALEY The word “outlander” made its first appearance in 1598 in John Florio’s pioneering Italian-English dictionary, A Worlde of Wordes, ...Read Article

Paths to Freedom: Bodies and Movement in The Color Line

WRITTEN BY MISTY URBAN Prize-winning Somali-Italian author Igiaba Scego’s stirring novel The Color Line (Other Press, 2022, trans. John Cullen and Gregory Conti) ...Read Article