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History & Film | Not Whether to Be, But Who: Rewriting Ophelia

WRITTEN BY MISTY URBAN In Ms. Scheide’s Honors English study of Hamlet, my group was assigned to present Act V. I was ...Read Article

Sing, Muse, of the Women: Natalie Haynes’s A Thousand Ships

An old story can experience new life when told from a different perspective – and the Trojan War is a very old story. Perhaps ...Read Article

Daily conversations: Betrayal of a Republic by Joost Douma

Based on years of academic research, Joost Douma’s novel Betrayal of a Republic: Memoirs of a Roman Matrona (Histria Books, 2020) tells the ...Read Article

God & Mammon: Ben Hopkins’s Cathedral

WRITTEN BY SARAH BOWER There is money in Ben Hopkins’ family, academically speaking at least. His grandfather was an economic historian and his ...Read Article

Uncovering Coco Chanel’s Hidden History: The Chanel Sisters by Judithe Little

Throughout her life Coco Chanel lied about her upbringing. Judithe Little, author of The Chanel Sisters (Graydon House, 2020), had always imagined Coco as “...Read Article

“Foreigners aren’t Fish”: The Last Tea Bowl Thief by Jonelle Patrick

Jonelle Patrick, author of The Last Tea Bowl Thief (Street Books, October 2020), a time slip novel that moves between modern and 18th-century Japan, ...Read Article

Infectious Diseases in History Other Than Influenza

Everyone is reaching exhaustion point over dealing with Covid-19, but despite that, I want to offer the promised continuation of the series on ...Read Article

New books by Historical Novel Society members, November 2020

The HNS congratulates our author members on their new releases! If you’ve written a historical novel or nonfiction work published (or to ...Read Article

Black Life Richly Embroidered: Physical and Spiritual Colonisation in 19th-Century South Africa

WRITTEN BY WANDA WYPORSKA Marguerite Poland is a multi-award winning South African author, with a fine range of books for children, novels (including ...Read Article

Passion, Spirit & Humour: Kate Grenville’s A Room Made of Leaves

WRITTEN BY BETHANY LATHAM If we played word association and I said “Australia’s colonial period,” most responses might be “convict.” Yet there ...Read Article