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New books by Historical Novel Society members, August 2021

Congrats to the following author members on their new releases! If you’ve written a historical novel or nonfiction work published (or to ...Read Article

Urban History, Real & Imagined: Jonathan Lee’s The Great Mistake

WRITTEN BY MARLIE PARKER WASSERMAN Historical fiction at its best, Jonathan Lee’s The Great Mistake (Knopf US / Granta UK, 2021) tells the nearly ...Read Article

Vilified or Victorious?: Claire Heywood and Jennifer Saint Recast the Roles of Women in Ancient Greece and Sparta

WRITTEN BY MYFANWY COOK Jennifer Saint’s debut novel Ariadne (Wildfire UK/Flatiron US, 2021) challenges the female stereotypes of Ancient Greece and their ...Read Article

What You Answer To: Vanessa Riley’s Island Queen

WRITTEN BY TIPHANIE YANIQUE Vanessa Riley is a skilled and serious researcher, and this aspect of her books has been somewhat under-lauded. The ...Read Article

Women in the Age of Constantine

WRITTEN BY GORDON DOHERTY & SIMON TURNEY The late third and early fourth century AD was an age of great upheaval, a time ...Read Article

Sistersong as Social Narrative

BY KRISTEN MCQUINN In modern society, it can feel nearly impossible to escape from news focusing on politics, social issues, or conflict. Regardless ...Read Article

New Voices: Helen Fripp, Michelle Grierson, Hilary Hauck & Eimear Lawlor

WRITTEN BY MYFANWY COOK Debut novelists Helen Fripp, Michelle Grierson, Hilary Hauck, and Eimear Lawlor journey into the past using research and imagination. ...Read Article

In Search of Lost Time

WRITTEN BY MARTINE BAILEY How did our ancestors orient themselves in time? It is a subject that much historical fiction glosses over – how ...Read Article

History & Film: Blood, Cocaine & Hubris: The Knick

WRITTEN BY BETHANY LATHAM Doubtless much to our readership’s relief, it’s been awhile since I’ve penned a History & Film ...Read Article

The Love Remains: The Metal Heart by Caroline Lea

BY MARILYN PEMBERTON Caroline Lea admits that The Metal Heart (Harper Perennial, 2021) is, without doubt, “a love story, but this wasn’t necessarily ...Read Article