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Capturing That Sixties Vibe: Eleanor Morse’s Margreete’s Harbor

Think of the Sixties, and civil rights marches, assassinations, and antiwar protests come to mind. Feminism. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones; acid ...Read Article

Obligation to Truth: A Conversation with Amy Bloom

Among the challenges writers of historical fiction face is how to negotiate the relationship among fact, truth, and story. To create authentic settings ...Read Article

Passionate Imagining: Jenni Fagan’s Luckenbooth

The Devil’s Daughter Comes to Edinburgh Some call it the Endarkenment rather than the Enlightenment. Edinburgh is a city of duality and ...Read Article

Launch: Glen Craney’s The Cotillion Brigade

INTERVIEW BY DAVID CONNON Author Glen Craney recently published his first American Civil War novel, The Cotillion Brigade. What is your “elevator pitch”? ...Read Article

Launch: Catherine Kullmann’s A Comfortable Alliance

  INTERVIEW BY M.N. STROH   Catherine Kullman was born and educated in Dublin, Ireland and is the author of The Murmur ...Read Article

Guide: our definition of historical fiction

As with any genre, there are problems with defining historical fiction. When does ‘contemporary’ end, and ‘historical’ begin? What about novels that are ...Read Article

Launch: Patricia Bracewell’s The Steel Beneath the Silk

INTERVIEW BY ANNE EASTER SMITH   Patricia Bracewell’s recent novel, The Steel Beneath The Silk, is the last in her trilogy about ...Read Article

Launch: Dianna Rostad’s You Belong Here Now

INTERVIEW BY REBEKAH SIMMERS   Dianna Rostad‘s new novel, You Belong Here Now, is published on 6 April 2021. If you hurry, you can ...Read Article

Assassinating Napoleon: The Eagle and the Viper by Loren D. Estleman

  Loren D. Estleman’s latest, The Eagle and the Viper (Forge, 2021), is the story of an attempt to assassinate Napoleon. In fact, ...Read Article

Launch: Mim Eichmann’s Muskrat Ramble

INTERVIEW BY ANNE EASTER SMITH   Mim Eichmann‘s new novel, Muskrat Ramble, is set in early 20th century New Orleans and Chicago ...Read Article