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The Fortunate Ones: Mary Tod talks to Catherine Hokin

WRITTEN BY MARY TOD Mischling. Mixed blood. Hitler’s evil at work, classifying everyone with even a drop of Jewish blood. Author Catherine ...Read Article

Oh, Canada!: Understanding a Nation Through Its Novels

WRITTEN BY LEE ANN ECKHARDT SMITH My vast and rugged country is not known for having a particularly dramatic backstory. When compared to ...Read Article

History & Film | Little Women: The Amy March Rorschach Test

WRITTEN BY BETHANY LATHAM The first volume of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women was published in 1868 to great success; film adaptations have ...Read Article

Let the Battles Begin: Alan Fisk Talks to Robert Fabbri About His New Series

WRITTEN BY ALAN FISK Known for his nine-book Vespasian series, Robert Fabbri has moved back three centuries in his latest historical novel, Alexander’...Read Article

A More Sophisticated Horror: Alma Katsu’s The Deep

WRITTEN BY BETHANY LATHAM Alma Katsu has something she’d like to say to readers who love historical fiction but think they aren’...Read Article

An Unlikely Partnership: Ghost of the Bamboo Road (a Hiro Hattori Novel) by Susan Spann

Susan Spann has recently published Ghost of the Bamboo Road, (Simon & Schuster 2019), the seventh novel in her Hiro Hattori series, set in 16...Read Article

Lies In White Dresses by Sofia Grant – an inspiring tale about female friendship in the Divorce Capital

In her new novel Lies in White Dresses (William Morrow, September, 2019), Sofia Grant chronicles the story of three women who visit a “divorce ...Read Article

The Secrets We Kept by Lara Prescott Reveals the Story Behind Doctor Zhivago

One of the most highly anticipated historical novels to hit shelves this fall was Lara Prescott’s The Secrets We Kept (Hutchinson, September 2019). ...Read Article

Historical Trades: Saddlery, Logging, Coopering, Blacksmithing

If the characters in your historical novel are involved in the ancient trades of saddlery, logging, coopering or blacksmithing, these book and website ...Read Article

Six Historical Novelists Come Together to “Search for the Women” in Ribbons of Scarlet

I think I can safely speak for many historical novelists when I say that writing a historical novel isn’t easy. Historical novelists ...Read Article