Elizabeth Chadwick and Sharon Kay Penman

Richard Lee

Elizabeth Chadwick and Sharon Kay Penman make an awesome pairing. They are two of the best historical fiction writers of our time – of any time. For many of us they are the people who first brought the early Middle Ages to life. Sharon’s portrait of Richard III and Elizabeth’s of William Marshall: by any standards, they are classics.

Today they’re together on Elizabeth’s blog, celebrating the UK release of Sharon’s latest novel Lionheart.

I can’t urge you strongly enough to get over there and give the interview a read. And while you’re there – Elizabeth’s blog is one of the best there is – take a moment to look around. The page I have as a permanent bookmark is her Research Library. If you like medieval history, you can get lost there.

Elizabeth Chadwick's Living the History blog

See here the gorgeous brochure of The Greatest Knight, In the footsteps of William Marshal tour.

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Elizabeth Chadwick will be speaking at our Historical Novel Society Conference London 2012

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