Editors' Choice

73 Dove Street

By Julie Owen Moylan - Published 2023


London in a damp, drizzly autumn of 1958. Edie Budd escapes from her abusive husband Frank and finds a room in a drab lodging ...Read Review


By Elizabeth Fremantle - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Rome, 1599: six-year-old Artemisia Gentileschi is hoisted onto the shoulders of the painter Caravaggio in order to witness the public beheading of Beatrice Cenci. ...Read Review

The Winter List

By S.G. MacLean - Published 2023



This sixth in the popular Damian Seeker series will attract readers fond of the historical crime genre. We are in York in the ...Read Review

The Isolated Séance (An Irregular Detective mystery, 1)

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2023



London, 1895. Twenty-six-year-old Timothy Badger was a street urchin of twelve when Sherlock Holmes began using him as his spy. The Baker Street Irregulars ...Read Review

The Square of Sevens

By Laura Shepherd-Robinson - Published 2023


A girl called Red writes a memoir. It begins in 1730 with her hard, nomadic life as the child of a gypsy fortune teller. ...Read Review

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women

By Lisa See - Published 2023


No mud, no lotus. This aphorism captures the essence of Lisa See’s latest novel: pithy, yet entertaining; thought-provoking, yet down-to-earth; dark, yet ...Read Review

Queen of Exiles

By Vanessa Riley - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Hayti (Haiti) became a sovereign nation in 1804, free of slavery, after defeating Napoleon’s forces. The formerly enslaved now rule the new nation. ...Read Review


By Ana Veciana-Suarez - Published 2023


15th-16th century Spain. Dolça Llull Prat, the young, artistic daughter of a Barcelona aristocrat, lives a carefree life of luxury until ...Read Review

The Black Crescent

By Jane Johnson - Published 2023



Set in 1950s Morocco, amid growing resistance to French rule, The Black Crescent is a novel about family ties, societal change and contrast ...Read Review


By Tania James - Published 2023


The word that does justice to the British Raj’s plunder in India had to be borrowed: “Loot,” as Tania James has explained ...Read Review

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