Editors' Choice

How Beautiful They Were

By Boston Teran - Published 2019



Beginning in 1850s London, England, John James Beaufort’s views on acting are what make this novel uniquely amazing.  Rather than focus only ...Read Review

Poppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders (A Woman of WWII Mystery)

By Tessa Arlen - Published 2019



In the summer of 1942, England was war-weary, from heavily blitzed London to the serene village of Little Buffenden. Poppy Redfern, who has been ...Read Review

A Single Thread

By Tracy Chevalier - Published 2019


1932. Violet Speedwell is one of the “surplus women” created by the deaths of so many English men during the Great War. Her fiancé ...Read Review

The Widow of Pale Harbor

By Hester Fox - Published 2019


In the small and declining Maine town of Pale Harbor in 1846, Sophronia Carver, a widow and literary magazine publisher, lives with her servant ...Read Review

Promised Land (Wyatt Earp: An American Odyssey)

By Mark Warren - Published 2019


Biographical FictionWestern

The final book in this trilogy of biographical novels on Wyatt Earp begins with the Earp wagon train arriving in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, ...Read Review

Mrs. Everything

By Jennifer Weiner - Published 2019


Spanning seventy years in two sisters’ lives, this is Jennifer Weiner’s first historical novel, and it’s an impressive one. As children, ...Read Review

The Serpent, The Puma, and The Condor

By Gayle Marie - Published 2019


In scope, Marie’s debut novel describes the fall of the Inca Empire, but in essence, it tells the remarkable life story of ...Read Review

The Dutch House

By Ann Patchett - Published 2019


At the end of World War II, Cyril Conroy buys the Dutch House, a large, glass house on the outskirts of Philadelphia formerly ...Read Review

Death Brings a Shadow (A Gilded Age Mystery)

By Rosemary Simpson - Published 2019



It’s spring 1889, and Prudence MacKenzie, well versed in correct behaviour in New York’s high society, has travelled south to Bradford Island ...Read Review

The Bright Unknown

By Elizabeth Byler Younts - Published 2019



Brighton Turner was born into the worst possible circumstances: her mother delivered her while “imprisoned” in a mental institution in rural Pennsylvania. With ...Read Review

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