Editors' Choice

A Rose for the Crown

By Anne Easter Smith - Published 2006


Biographical FictionRomance

Kate Haute is a young woman from a lowly background, taken into her uncle’s household and given the great privilege of becoming ...Read Review

Leonardo’s Swans

By Karen Essex - Published 2006


Biographical Fiction

Leonardo da Vinci has become quite popular these days, as has the historical novel featuring an intrepid woman ahead of her time, with ...Read Review

The Alchemist’s Daughter

By Katharine McMahon - Published 2006


Biographical Fiction

In lyrical prose, this novel details the life of Emilie Selden, a female scientist in 18th century England, squirreled away in her father’...Read Review

The Turk and my Mother

By Mary Helen Stefaniak - Published 2005



This is the story of several generations of a Croatian family, both in their native country and in the United States. The mother ...Read Review

Escaping into the Night

By D. Dina Friedman - Published 2006


Children/Young Adult

In her first book for a younger audience, Ms. Friedman does well. Escaping into the Night is a gripping telling of a little-known ...Read Review

The Tattoo Artist

By Jill Ciment - Published 2005



Young Sara Ehrenreich is in love in New York City. She is Jewish and bohemian, artist and anarchist, and completely in thrall to ...Read Review

The Madonnas of Leningrad

By Debra Dean - Published 2006



This superb first novel by author Debra Dean tells the story of Marina, a young tour guide at the Hermitage Museum during the ...Read Review

The Bad Behaviour of Belle Cantrell

By Loraine Despres - Published 2005



Tired of mourning her husband, Belle Cantrell does what any aspiring suffragette would do—she bobs her hair—and the town of Gentry, ...Read Review

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