Editors' Choice

The Limits of Limelight

By Margaret Porter - Published 2021


Sixteen-year-old Helen Nichols is pretty and intelligent but has never seen herself as someone special. However, her cousin, rising star Ginger Rogers, sees ...Read Review

Parting the Veil

By Paulette Kennedy - Published 2021



Parting the Veil, a debut novel by Paulette Kennedy, is a gothic-noir psychological thriller. Well-written, the novel admirably recalls Emily Brontë’s Wuthering ...Read Review

Black Dragonfly

By Jean Pasley - Published 2021



Using the main character’s own words extracted from letters, essays, and books, Pasley vividly recounts the life of wandering writer Lafcadio Hearn. ...Read Review

Blue Postcards

By Douglas Bruton - Published 2021


This novella has an unusual format in that the paragraphs, even sometimes just single sentences, are all numbered, with white space between each ...Read Review

Blind Tiger

By Sandra Brown - Published 2021



In the small Texas town of Foley in 1920, Prohibition is in full swing, and so are the moonshine wars as a young widow ...Read Review

When the Missouri Ran Red: A Novel of the Civil War

By Jim R. Woolard - Published 2021


In 1864, the entire American nation seems to be bleeding. Arguably, however, the state of Missouri seems to be suffering even more than the ...Read Review

The Return

By Anita Frank - Published 2021



May 1945: for everyone else, the end of the War in Europe is a cause for celebration. But for farmer Gwen Ellison, it’s ...Read Review

If It Rains

By Jennifer L. Wright - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

Two sisters narrate this novel in alternate chapters, set in the 1930s Dust Bowl. Kathryn, 14, is hampered by a club foot. Sister Melissa ...Read Review

Death at Greenway

By Lori Rader-Day - Published 2021



Greenway, Agatha Christie’s estate in Devon, England, serves as the setting for this riveting novel. Lori Rader-Day’s story centers around the ...Read Review

The Hidden Child

By Louise Fein - Published 2021


In Fein’s second novel, set in the rural English countryside in 1928, Eleanor Hamilton is happily married to her celebrated war hero husband, ...Read Review

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