Editors' Choice

The Dressmaker of Paris

By Georgia Kaufman - Published 2021


This is not my kind of book, the life story of a seamstress who becomes the millionaire owner of a fashion chain. Yet ...Read Review

I’m Staying Here

By Marco Balzano -



This fascinating story set in northern Italy, on the Austrian border, begins in 1923 and ends in 1950. It’s told in first-person narrative as ...Read Review

Those Who Are Saved

By Alexis Landau - Published 2021


Wealthy, educated, and attractive Vera, the heroine of Alexis Landau’s exquisite World War II novel, belongs to the select group of Russian é...Read Review


By Elizabeth Frank - Published 2020


During WWII on Bermuda, Lucy Barrett, gifted in languages, is a Censorette, part of a branch of British Intelligence stationed on the island ...Read Review

Inside the Beautiful Inside

By Emily Bullock - Published 2020


Biographical FictionLiterary

An etching by George Arnaud from 1814 depicts a middle-aged man held chained to a stake with an iron ring around his neck, another ...Read Review

The Lonely Wife

By Val Wood - Published 2020


England, 1850. Rich thirty-something banker Charles Dawley will be vastly wealthier once he has fathered a son, thereby fulfilling the terms of his Uncle ...Read Review


By Carol Edgarian - Published 2021


It’s no spoiler to reveal that the defining event of this lovely, constantly surprising novel is the great San Francisco earthquake and ...Read Review


By Ben Hopkins - Published 2021



Spanning over a century—from 1229 to 1351—Cathedral doesn’t detail the workings of the humongous construction project at its heart. Nor does it ...Read Review

Wicked Mistress Yale, The Parting Glass (The Yale Trilogy)

By David Ebsworth - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

In 1700 London, the East India Company’s (EIC) former governor, Elihu Yale, recently returned from Madras, is at a dinner party with his ...Read Review

The Tuscan Contessa

By Dinah Jefferies - Published 2020


This novel opens on a shuttered square on a summer evening in 1944; three crows appear, one after the other, a bad omen. Set ...Read Review

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