Editors' Choice

The Incorrigibles

By Meredith Jaeger - Published 2024


San Francisco, 1972: Twenty-five-year-old Judy has recently separated from her abusive, unfaithful husband. Women’s liberation is in the air, and Judy dreams of ...Read Review

Daughters of Shandong

By Eve J. Chung - Published 2024


In 1948 the ruling Nationalist party is losing ground to the Communists in China; the country is torn by fighting and disorder. Families like ...Read Review

The Night War

By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley - Published 2024


Children/Young Adult

In 1942, 12-year-old Miriam lives with her parents in Paris after fleeing Germany following Kristallnacht. During a roundup of all Jews in the Pletzl, ...Read Review

The Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club

By Helen Simonson - Published 2024


It’s 1919, the Great War is over, and everyone is expected to get back to their normal, meaning pre-war, lives. No one wants ...Read Review

Where the Heart Should Be

By Sarah Crossan - Published 2024


Children/Young Adult

Award-winning Irish writer Sarah Crossan makes a fantastic return to young adult fiction with her latest work: a novel in verse set during ...Read Review

Every Time We Say Goodbye

By Natalie Jenner - Published 2024


Jenner’s previous novels, The Jane Austen Society and Bloomsbury Girls, have established an enchanting group of characters drawn together by their love ...Read Review

The Curse of Pietro Houdini

By Derek B. Miller - Published 2024


German-occupied Italy, 1943. Having witnessed his parents’ death in a bombing raid on Rome, Massimo (aged 14) flees south to relatives in Naples. On the ...Read Review

The Light Over Lake Como

By Roland Merullo - Published 2024


This suspenseful tale set in Italy in the final days of World War II is told in four alternating voices. Two years before ...Read Review

A Lady’s Guide to Marvels and Misadventure

By Angela Bell - Published 2024


Clara Stanton bears the weight of her family’s woes on her 23-year-old shoulders. That, and her ability to imagine the world beyond ...Read Review

Faraway the Southern Sky

By Joseph Andras - By Simon Leser (trans.) - Published 2024



Readers walk along the streets of Paris, retracing the steps taken by Vietnamese leader Hô Chí Minh in the 1920s, noting the addresses ...Read Review

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