Editors' Choice

Abraham’s Well

By Sharon Ewell Foster - Published 2006



Until she is about seven years old, Armentia never knows she is a slave. She grows up in the southern Appalachians of North ...Read Review

The Sun Over Breda

By Arturo Pérez-Reverte - Published 2007



This is the third in the adventures of Captain Alatriste in 17th century Spain, following Captain Alatriste and Purity of Blood. In 1625, Captain ...Read Review


By Philippe Grimbert - Published 2007


Biographical Fiction

This autobiographical novel tells the story of young Philippe’s childhood in post-war Paris. The sickly only child of glamorous, athletic parents, the ...Read Review

Luncheon of the Boating Party

By Susan Vreeland - Published 2007


Biographical FictionLiterary

Paris, 1880. Pierre-Auguste Renoir is thirty-nine, his enchantment with the revolutionary Impressionist style is fading, and the movement threatens to splinter. Renoir paints society ...Read Review

The Longing Season

By Christine Schaub - Published 2006


Biographical FictionInspirational

This is the most compelling novel about slavery that I have ever read, not because of horrific details, but because it reveals how ...Read Review

Troy: Shield of Thunder

By David Gemmell - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



Plain-faced Helen sits behind the walls of Troy, married to Paris but never to Menelaus; Andromache loves another but is betrothed to Hektor, ...Read Review

Eye of the Serpent

By Joanna Challis - Published 2006



1870: Christabel Brown leaves England, becoming governess to the teenage daughter of an Austrian count. Liesel von Holstein is a difficult charge; her last ...Read Review

The Afghan Campaign

By Steven Pressfield - Published 2006 (US)Published 2007 (UK)



Pressfield has penned an astonishing story about a young soldier coming of age during a brutal war. In the process, he opens a ...Read Review

Mistress of the Art of Death

By Ariana Franklin - Published 2007



Adelia, who has studied medicine in Salerno, Sicily, is selected by the King of Sicily to accompany Simon of Naples, a man renowned ...Read Review

The Ruby in Her Navel

By Barry Unsworth - Published 2006



Set during the brief but glittering rule of the Norman kings, this beautifully written novel opens in Palermo where Arab, Christian and Jew ...Read Review

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