Editors' Choice

Liszt’s Kiss

By Susanne Dunlap - Published 2007


Biographical FictionLiterary

Paris, 1832. A cholera epidemic rages, and Anne de Barbier-Chouant has lost her beloved mother to its deadly grasp. Alone in the crumbling family ...Read Review

The Mercy Seller

By Brenda Rickman Vantrease - Published 2007


Anna Bookman and her grandfather, Finn, make their living illuminating precious books in early 15th-century Prague, a hotbed of religious change. Jan Hus, ...Read Review

The Mesmerist

By Barbara Ewing - Published 2007



As Queen Victoria comes to the throne, the mysterious Mrs. Cordelia du Pont begins her meteoric rise to fame and fortune as a ...Read Review

House of Meetings

By Martin Amis - Published 2006Published 2007



Written as a confession, House of Meetings is the story of two brothers—the unnamed narrator and Lev—and the beautiful, free-spirited woman ...Read Review

Killing Che

By Chuck Pfarrer - Published 2007



Bolivia, 1967: Paul Hoyle, an ex-CIA paramilitary with experience in Laos, Vietnam and various Latin American hot spots, is now employed as a “contractor.” ...Read Review

Letters from a Slave Boy: The Story of Joseph Jacobs

By Mary E. Lyons - Published 2007


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

Having reworked the autobiography of Harriet Jacobs (escaped slave turned abolitionist and once as famous as Frederick Douglass) in Letters From a Slave ...Read Review

The Solitude of Thomas Cave

By Georgina Harding - Published 2007



Set in the first half of the 17th century, this is a poetic and highly literate novel that has as its themes the ...Read Review

Bluebird, or the Invention of Happiness

By Sheila Kohler - Published 2007


Biographical Fiction

Upon occasion a reviewer is familiar with the source material for a fictional biographical novel, and therefore dreads the transformation from actual to ...Read Review

The Terror

By Dan Simmons - Published 2007



In 1845, two ships of the Royal Navy, the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus, led by Sir John Franklin, attempted to sail through ...Read Review

April in Paris

By Michael Wallner - Published 2007



Don’t be fooled by this book’s unfortunate UK cover. This is not another romantic wartime saga, but a powerful study of ...Read Review

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