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Floats the Dark Shadow, my first historical mystery, is set in Belle Époque Paris and features a young American artist, a French cop, assorted poets, courtesans, criminals, and a crazed serial killer. Previously I wrote historical romance under my own name of Gayle Feyrer, and as Taylor Chase (books which I plan to release on Kindle in the near future). My sensibility in both genres is dark and intense. I’ve drawn since kidhood, and written since adolesence. I worship cats, chocolate, and cinema. My current obsession has been to design perfumes inspired by the characters and setting of my new book.

From my website

Enter the Paris Catacombs

BOO!!   Enhanced detail of catacombs art by Jérȏme Bon. To celebrate Halloween I’ve added an extra page on the Paris Catacombs to my website.  The main page deals with the history of the catacombs, the new one has a more modern slant, with a story about the cataphiles, those…

Nils de Dardel

Nils de Dardel, one of Sweden’s most famous artists, is all but unknown beyond its borders. His surname, according to the guide at the Modern Art Museum in Stockholm, is pronounced Dar-a-del. Portrait of the young Nils de Dardel by Ivan Constantin As soon as I saw the poster, I…

For Love of Black Cats

In honor of Halloween, here is a collection of wonderful black cat images.  Enjoy.  Better yet, adopt a black cat.     Die Katze by Hans Thoma   Chatfemme offered to the public domain by Pascual Carlos Esteban     Poster of Momus float.   A black cat by Paul…

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