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Author Xina Marie Uhl lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and assorted furry and scaly pets. The setting of her first novel, NECROPOLIS, has been heavily influenced by her interest in ancient history. She holds both a BA and an MA in history. In addition to fiction writing, she teaches college history courses and writes educational materials. When she isn’t reading and writing, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and planning new travel adventures.

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Back in Time – 85-91/100 Camino Photos

You have walked through the verdant fields, following the ever-winding path. The day stretches long, and you must find a place to stay the night. Here, in Tosantos, you come upon a humble albergue. Inside, you are greeted by volunteers who speak only Spanish. They welcome you, nonetheless. A fellow…

Details of the Fantastic – 79-84/100 Camino Photos

    On the way to Belorado, I stopped at a roadside bar to use their restroom. As decoration, I saw this ancient piece. “Viejo,” I commented. Old. “Si,” confirmed the proprietor. Who can say how old? It has a Roman look to it, in my eyes. Perhaps it has been…

On the Trail – 76-78/100 Camino Photos

I left Santo Domingo de la Calzada early the next morning, and was treated to a beautiful dawn. Fellow pilgrims, many in twos or threes, passed me as I walked alone. I did not want their company, though, because dawn passed into a beautiful morning. Fields stretched out all around…

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