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Author of “The Ephemeris, Voyages in DwREAM” Pub. July, 2012. “The Ephemeris” is a synthesis of literature and classical music consisting of a printed book and an accompanying audio. The novel is written in verse and is metered to its musical score in a format called, “DwREAM”, an acronym that stands for: Dramatic Writing and Reading Entrained and Articulated by Music. Jay is the creator of DwREAM; he also composed the music for “The Ephemeris” and performed the novel for the audio recording. The concept of musical stories in verse hearkens to The Goliards and also the later French Troubadours. But DwREAM utilizes a full symphonic score and dramatically nuanced performance. Jay’s earlier novel, “The Lost History of Redwyn,” a loose prequel to “The Ephemeris” dealt with Arthurian themes. “The Ephemeris” deals with the early stages of the Renaissance and classical themes of Western culture from the Ancient Greeks through the birth of the Renaissance. Novels set in 15th C. Brit/Europe.

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Welcome to our new website!

Music of Words is now online. We have a new book coming out soon and will be posting all latest news on this website. We will inform you about all new book releases. If you have any questions please contact us.

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