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William Dietrich is the author of 17 books, including the Ethan Gage series of Napoleonic adventures and books set in World War II and the Roman Empire. His work has sold into 28 languages. As a journalist he shared a Pulitzer for covering the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and has worked as a university professor.

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Can Democrats Speak English?

My Democratic leanings go back as far as George McGovern and Eugene McCarthy (I was in line for the Vietnam draft until I got a high lottery number) and I voted for Hillary. But I’m alarmed that the party has not just ceded populism to the GOP (astounding in itself)…

Ink by the Barrel

One of my early jobs as a newspaper reporter brought me to the opening ceremonies of the Washington State Legislature in 1975. The Olympia press corps was seated at a table at the head of the chamber at one side of the podium, fully on display, and when the self-congratulatory…

2017: The Preview

After three presidential debates, the polls show Hillary Clinton the likely next president. I’m relieved, but I can’t pretend the arguing has created a national consensus. Both candidates are about as popular as a 45-minute drugstore wait for a flu shot from a crochet needle. So after a grisly political…

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