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Wendy Lowe Besmann is a long-time freelance writer whose work on travel, parenting, and history has appeared in many national magazines. Her published works include the narrative American history A Separate Circle and the special education parenting workbook Team Up for Your Child. Her newest book and first work of fiction is Through the Gate of Dreams, a 17th-century romantic adventure that moves from Bristol at the end of the English Civil War to the opulent, exotic Jewish quarter of Amsterdam, home to Rembrandt and Spinoza. Susanna Worthington Lopez, the novel’s protagonist flees a forced marriage to hide in the Jewish Quarter, where she becomes involved with Spinoza, meets a mysterious young doctor who reluctantly offers his heart, and appears in a daring Rembrandt portrait–all leading to a dangerous encounter with those who wish to see her married against her will–or dead.

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Building Strong IEP Goals

“You want my son to be able to cross the street with 80% accuracy? What happens the other 20% of the time?!”  Many parents feel totally lost when they sit down with their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team to write out IEP goals. The forms contain codes, percentages, abbreviations…

Colaboración está aquí

For all those who have ordered or asked about the Team Up for Your Child Spanish edition, thank you for your patience! Colaboración:  Lo mejor para su hijo is now available for purchase at our online shop. If you need multiple copies, please contact the publisher at  wendy@meltonhillmedia.com  for further price reductions.

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