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Inspired by discovering his cave during a trekking week on Elba, I decided to research San Cerbone’s background. The result is a novel about a young lad he befriends.

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Silvanus’s Treks

I just discovered a map Silvanus must have made, showing his treks across Ilva. How do you like it?Actually, it was made for him by a brilliant cartographer in Russia, Polina Vorontsova.

Cerbonius’s Counsel

Aware that he was soon to die, Cerbonius bequeathed all the wisdom he had garnered over his long and colourful life to his spiritual son, Silvanus, in the form of a scroll of warnings and admonitions for young Christian believers.Silvanus would have liked to read Cerbonius’s advice out loud and ask for explanations…

Translating English into English

I’m afraid she did exactly what I feared. Much to my grief, the good lady editor said my book was unworthy. And she begged me not to take steps toward self-publishing, like finding someone to design a cover for it.‘It’s far too long. The plot is all over the place. Most of the…

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