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Inspired by discovering his cave during a trekking week on Elba, I decided to research San Cerbone’s background. The result is a novel about a young lad he befriends.

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It’s one thing to say I have completed the first draft of Aquila – all 34½ chapters – but quite another to say my book is finished.I’ve benefitted greatly from the constructive and critical feedback I’ve received over more than two years through friendly colleagues in the Ubergroup on Scribophile and though…

My new office

Snow-covered Alps in the distance, a red kite complaining about having been chased from its realm by angry crows, a waxing moon and last rays of sunshine at 4 pm on the 17th of December!Having completed the first draft of my book, much revision is called for. One approach I’ve discovered is to read…

Religion can make you stink!

Bad religion, that is.In Late Antiquity, influenced by Platonic dualism, Christianity often promoted an other-worldliness. Let’s get out of this corrupt world as fast as possible so that we can enjoy disembodied bliss in heaven. And in the meantime, we despise all physical aspects of life. One feature of this…

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