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Inspired by discovering his cave during a trekking week on Elba, I decided to research San Cerbone’s background. The result is a novel about a young lad he befriends.

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Interview with CD Gallant-King

This month’s author is CD Gallant-King. From the twinkle in his eye, you can guess his books are not entirely serious. Follow the links below if you want more details. We had a little chat. Here’s what he had to say. So CD, when did you decide to become a…

Virna’s attempted rape – a reading

I’ve tried something new – a reading from my WIP, in which the runaway slave girl Virna tells Silvanus how she came by those ominous lashes. If you watch to the end, you’ll even see what she looks like… Here’s the link. I’ve done this in aid of a Philippine…

Introducing Francisco Cordoba

Another upcoming author who deserves some publicity is Francisco Cordoba. Most of his writing has to do with his beloved horses. Here he gives us some background as to how he came to be an author, as well as some other personal insights. What gave you the push to start writing?…

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