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author of ‘Second Lisa’ a biography of Leonardo da Vinci’s sister, Lisabetta Buti,the ‘Mona Lisa’. highlights creative autism, lost art and lost identities and the invisible female workforce in the art studios of the quattrocento.

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The next time you visit a gallery or open a book of renaissance art… what will a face in a painting say to you? There is a spiritual hush in the rooms an art gallery. But only some paintings offer a peak experience. Some ‘speak’ while others remain silent. The…


‘PEARL BY PEARL‘ book 2 of  two –  A TIME-TRAVEL FANTASY about reincarnation, love, lost identities, and missing paintings. The fairy-tale of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ retold in a world of state-of-the-art technology… about a savant orphan who thrives in a society that shuns her by imagining her mother is the ‘Mona Lisa’ and her…


  TIME-TRAVEL FANTASY ‘THE INDIGO PEARL’ and ‘PEARL BY PEARL’ is a two book series – an historical time-travel fantasy about Delphi Sharpe, an autistic woman savant trapped in a near-death experience whose soul is coerced into transmigrating into the programs of Cherry White, a prototype bionic human, creating an…

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