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author of ‘Second Lisa’ a biography of Leonardo da Vinci’s sister, Lisabetta Buti,the ‘Mona Lisa’. highlights creative autism, lost art and lost identities and the invisible female workforce in the art studios of the quattrocento.

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If meditation is time travel, then I have been there with Leonardo and Sandro and Lisa. I brushed against their cloaks of country-rough sackcloth or city-thick velvet trimmed in fur, and run my fingers over the heavy embroidered stuff of their Sunday best. I’ve worn a wedding gown of stiff…


HOW PERVERSE IS THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE? ARE TOO MANY INDIE BOOKS BORN FREE? Of course, I meant to say, ‘reborn free’ after a brief float in the harbor of desperate measures, and before embarking on a doomed journey on the library Titanic – the bookstore that shall not…


Sometimes, to understand history, you must put yourself in another person’s shoes. Walk with me… Pretend for a moment that you are a master painter. You live in fifteenth-century Florence. It takes you over a year to complete a masterpiece. One particular portrait is more important than all the others.…

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