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author of ‘Second Lisa’ a biography of Leonardo da Vinci’s sister, Lisabetta Buti,the ‘Mona Lisa’. highlights creative autism, lost art and lost identities and the invisible female workforce in the art studios of the quattrocento.

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Sometimes, to understand history, you must put yourself in another person’s shoes. Walk with me… Pretend for a moment that you are a master painter. You live in fifteenth-century Florence. It takes you over a year to complete a masterpiece. One particular portrait is more important than all the others.…

The first cellular phone?

Tobias and the Angel EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN I see an angel reading a text message. This painting, Tobias and the Angel (c. 1467) from the studio of Andrea Verrocchio, is considered to contain three of the earliest instances of painting by Leonardo da Vinci’s hand, likely a teenager…


Peyton ‘2005 – October 6, 2016’ Museums house the collective dreams of the anthropologist in each of us. We humans celebrate a general curiosity and regard for antiquities. But most of all, we ‘exhibit’ an inherent need for ‘DESIDERATA (Latin for ‘DESIRED THINGS’). More energetic than the hushed hallowed halls…

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