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author of ‘Second Lisa’ a biography of Leonardo da Vinci’s sister, Lisabetta Buti,the ‘Mona Lisa’. highlights creative autism, lost art and lost identities and the invisible female workforce in the art studios of the quattrocento.

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Clap if you WANT to believe in fairies

the original cover for Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’ If you’re human, fiction is a big deal to you. Clap if you WANT to believe in: Tinkerbell, dragons, time travel, space ships, ghosts, lost cities, the holy grail, mystical serendipity, numinous energy, sentient pond scum, divine intervention, soul mates, talking animals,…


APRIL 16th 1912 – the ‘after-math’ TOTAL NUMBER OF PASSENGERS – 2,223 SURVIVORS – 706 VICTIMS – 1,517 Of the 53 children who perished… 52 were from steerage (3rd. class) Odd words for a reporter; PROBABLY? MAYBE? Yet a noted member of the elite New York society was singled out for mention in…


NOW LAUNCHED! – on the 104th anniversary of the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic –  ‘THE UNTHINKABLE SHOES’ by V. KNOX – – a TITANIC-inspired novel of Literary Fiction / Magical Realism / and Paranormal Romance EXCERPT: CHAPTER ONE – ‘THE END’ FINN CLEARY  APRIL 10, 2012 Yes, those are definitely my shoes,…

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