A.W. Boardman

Website: https://historymondays.substack.com

Bio: I am an author and historian known primarily for my book Towton: The Bloodiest Battle. I have an established readership in the UK, and my other books include The Medieval Soldier (1996), Blood Red Roses (2001), Henry Percy Medieval Rebel (2003) and The First Battle of St Albans (2006) all of which are due for re-release in 2022. Besides writing history, I have lectured at various universities and conferences about the medieval period and the Wars of the Roses. In 1999 I was lucky to appear in the TV series Secrets of the Dead (Channel 4 & Sky One) and the BBC Yorkshire production Towton 1461. I also worked on the series Instruments of Death (Yesterday Channel, 2012) and in 2019 I was asked by the Who Do You Think You Are team to advise on Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family. My website has more details about my work. I have a weekly newsletter called History Mondays on Substack; I regularly post on Twitter and my new novel, The Two Horns of the Moon, about Hotspur, is out now on Amazon.

Twitter: @wotroses

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