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Tinney Heath is the author of the novel A Thing Done, set in Florence in the thirteenth century. She has long been fascinated by Dante’s Florence – not that she’d want to live there; she knows too much about it now for that. But Dante’s life and writings are so rich in story subjects that she won’t run out of material any time soon. She writes about Florence, but she reads about everything. She also plays medieval and early Renaissance music on early wind instruments, including portative organ.

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Slut-Shaming in the Trecento (and, Poison)

p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } (or: How to Distinguish Fake News Six and a Half Centuries Before Snopes)Your long-AWOL blogger is back, once again bringing you more than you ever wanted to know about the middle ages in Italy. Today we will probe an instance of research serendipity…

Stage fright

It's been very Yeatsian out there lately. A glance at any newspaper, or my Facebook feed, is enough to give rise to despair, or at the very least acute anxiety. I've already bailed from Twitter and I can't believe Facebook is very far behind. It's a mess out there, folks,…

Recreating the past - from the sublime to the ridiculous

When my husband and I decided to re-create this famous portrait of 15th century composers Guillaume Dufay and Gilles Binchois, little did we know just how carried away we were going to get.Simple, I thought. Just put on a bathrobe or something, strike a pose, and there you go. After…

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