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Tinney Heath is the author of the novel A Thing Done, set in Florence in the thirteenth century. She has long been fascinated by Dante’s Florence – not that she’d want to live there; she knows too much about it now for that. But Dante’s life and writings are so rich in story subjects that she won’t run out of material any time soon. She writes about Florence, but she reads about everything. She also plays medieval and early Renaissance music on early wind instruments, including portative organ.

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Framing the Story

How is a picture frame like point of view in fiction?I love pictures that provide their own frames. Maybe it's a shot through a window, or maybe the frame is an arch, a doorway, trees, a cave. When we travel and I notice such a potential shot, I always ask…

Our Greek Odyssey 4: Malia (and the British Museum)

Meet the kitty who photobombed the ruins of ancient Malia, a Minoan city on Crete. This little charmer appointed herself our guide, and proceeded to show us around in a most proprietary way.For anyone wanting to catch up with the earlier three posts in this series, follow these links for…

Our Greek Odyssey 3: Crete (Siva, Knossos, Phaistos, Aghia Triada)

This is Part 3 of what is now my four-part post about our recent trip to Greece. (Unless it turns into five parts, which is entirely possible.) If you'd like to read about Athens, see Part 1 here. If you'd like to read about Nafplio, Epidaurus, and Mycenae, see Part…

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