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Tim Vicary is an author and teacher at the University of York,England. He has published four historical novels set in different periods of English history. He has also written three legal thrillers in the ‘Trials of Sarah Newby’ series, as well as textbooks and over twenty graded graded readers for foreign learners of English, published by Oxford University Press. Several of his books have won awards. He and his wife live in the English countryside near the historic city of York with their horses, dogs and other animals.

From my website

Why do I love Poldark?

Why do I love Poldark? The answer to this is simple: it’s great historical fiction. Winston Graham was a very talented writer, and his series of twelve historical novels about Ross and Demelza Poldark are some of my favourite books. I’ve read them all twice – most recently sharing the…

What is a legal thriller?

‘So what is a legal thriller?’ she asks. ‘Some sort of drug?’ ‘No, of course not,’ I say. ‘Though they can be quite addictive, I suppose. A legal thriller is a book – a sort of crime novel.’ ‘So why not call it a crime novel then, and have done…

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