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Tim Vicary is an author and teacher at the University of York,England. He has published four historical novels set in different periods of English history. He has also written three legal thrillers in the ‘Trials of Sarah Newby’ series, as well as textbooks and over twenty graded graded readers for foreign learners of English, published by Oxford University Press. Several of his books have won awards. He and his wife live in the English countryside near the historic city of York with their horses, dogs and other animals.

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I lost an argument with a horse.

Well, it was a pony actually. The horses are much better behaved. This was my wife’s New Forest pony. Well into its twenties now, long retired from active service, a docile family pet. Just the thing to give rides to the grandchildren. Well, that’s what my daughter thought. She was…

Poldark – was it rape?

  A funny thing happened last Sunday night. My wife and I sat by the fire watching the dramatic end to the beautiful BBC dramatization of Poldark. We both cheered as Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) swung round and felled her wandering husband Ross with a punch to the jaw, as he…

Poldark – why did Francis betray Ross?

  Francis Poldark tragically died on screen just when it seemed his fortunes were about to rise. He had revived his friendship with Ross and discovered a rich seam of copper in their mine. He had turned away from his mistress Margaret and was back on speaking terms with his…

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