Tim Carrington

About me

I was born more years ago than I care to remember, and now live on a boat in the Mediterranean where I run a small sailing holiday business. But I have not always been a sailor.

The work I have done in my life reads like an A to Z of occupations, but the which I remember with fondness is that of editor and publisher of a monthly local interest magazine as well as editor and publisher of countless guide books pertaining to Shropshire, U.K.
This has lead me to writing Parts I & II of ‘The Cyfarwydd’ series. ‘Hywel’ and ‘Tadau a Meibion’. Without giving too much away, they are based on historical characters who lived in what is now Shropshire and the bordering counties and, perhaps, those characters are on whom the Legends of King Arthur are based. I leave it to my readers to decide!

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