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I have always loved history, which makes writing historical fiction pure joy, as I am able to write my own history, so to speak.

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Fairy Tale Shoot

The morning after I attended the Great Big Ball of Hair – Ball at the Pulpwood Queen Girlfriends Weekend in Nacogdoches, Texas, my daughter, Rachel Archer, of Rachel Photography followed me into the woods and did this enchanting photo shoot.¬†https://www.facebook.com/rachelphoto¬† I felt like a fairy princess at the ball, but…

Pulpwood Queen Girlfriend Weekend 2015

(Author, Pat Montandon, Darlin’) “If you take a book with you on a journey an odd thing happens. The book begins collecting your memories. And forever after you have only to open that book to be back where you first read it. It will all come into your mind with…

Taking Legends and Making Them My Own: The Invisible Castle of Lac Blanc

There are many legends in the region of Alsace, France. One that I have embraced and made my own, weaving it into my latest work of fiction, transpired in and around Lac Blanc (White Lake). This beautiful pristine lake is nestled inside a glacial cirque and sits atop one of…

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