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I have always loved history, which makes writing historical fiction pure joy, as I am able to write my own history, so to speak.

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Guinevereā€™s Grave and Pictish Stones

Image: Meigle Kirk The wee hamlet of Meigle lies just thirty minutes north east of Perth, Scotland. It doesn’t sit on a tourist route, but for those interested in Arthurian legends or Pictish stones, this village is a must see. In the graveyard of the local kirk stands a mound…

The Fairy Bridge: A Bridge of Sorrows

Image: The Fairy Bridge on the Waternish Peninsula, Isle of Skye. Just off the A850 between Dunvegan and Edinbane is a small road that cuts across the Waternish Peninsula, the B886. Turn onto the single track road, and the Fairy Bridge sits to the left. It has been closed to…

The Last Skye Seannachie: George W. Macpherson, Scottish Storyteller

George W. Macpherson is the last traditional storyteller on the Isle of Skye. His Gaelic name is Seoras. He is a national treasure, truly. This man has thousands of years of story put to memory. He has the ability to tell a story in his soft thick Scottish accent that…

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