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I’m a reader and love history and historical fiction.

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Around the Castle - 16.03

In my last post (way back in February) I mentioned we decided to buy a house.  The result was that I spent all of February packing and all of March and into April unpacking.  I’m exhausted – I frequently told hubby that we are definitely getting too old for this…

Around the Castle - 16.02

So, just when I think life is beginning to settle down something comes along to throw everything into a tizzy again.  After hubby’s job had some things shake out, he decided it was time for us to buy a house.  And when he’s ready to buy something, he’s ready to…

Around the Castle - 16.01

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone had a nice holiday with friends and family.Sometime in December marked 9 years since I started this blog and, as with my life, it has gone through different phases and has become something quite different from where it started.   And I've come…

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