Tanja Tuma

About me

Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, former part of Yugoslavia, I graduated from English, French, and German languages and literatures, in addition to which I can speak the local languages – Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian. I have worked in publishing for over twenty years, and I own a small publishing company, www.zalozba-tuma.si. The process of choosing, producing and selling the titles were like a long preparation course for my deep ambition – writing. Two years ago, I took a good year off my business and wrote a historical novel (200.000 words) about Dalmatia, the coastal part of Croatia, with its rich history at the crossroads of Greek, Roman, Slavic, and Ottoman peoples. By joining HNS, I hope to find advice and encouragement for my writing development as well as to give support to others by reading and revising their books.

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