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I write historical fantasy and science fiction with a Mesoamerican twist. My debut historical fantasy novel, ZERO TIME, won a 2012 Walter Williams Major Work Award from the Missouri Writers’ Guild, citing it as “worthy of special recognition because of the research or high literary quality involved in its creation.”

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The Mentor FREE May 21-25

My short story, “The Mentor,” is FREE this week, May 21-25, from Amazon Kindle. This quirky, futuristic romp into extreme consumer activism pits time-traveling sentient giraffes and lions against each other in a society where corporations have total control. Who says crime doesn’t pay? WARNING: For adult children only. Cover…

Earth’s magnetic field is changing

Reprinted from Space Weather News for May 12, 201   EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD IS CHANGING:Earth’s magnetic field protects us from stormy space weather and cosmic rays. New data from Europe’s SWARM spacecraft show that our planet’s magnetic field is changing.  For instance, in recent years magnetism over North America has weakened…

Mystic Salon: Mantras — The Power to Create Intentional Change     

  May 5, 2016 7-9:00pm The Grand House 2120 S. Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63104 $5 per person Advance registration and payment are required. A mantra is a word or phrase that imbues a unique vibration through the mind, body and soul. Chanting or speaking mantras regularly activates those…

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