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It’s not about my savvy, but yours! Reading and story engagement are great for your mind. It’s also about our lovely Paris, Texas, and our amazing arts community here. I am a life-long reading, music and fine arts enthusiast. I suffer, quite frankly, from story addiction, regardless of the form, and hope to convert other enthusiasts. Reading and study are a solid part of my life, as I have been an attorney for twenty years. I also naturally share my opinions. Here you can get my opinions about my passions: Fine Arts and Paris, Texas. You will also find my Book Briefs in The Paris News and on Goodreads. So, enjoy! And remember to keep your mind active and healthy — Savvy — by taking a break from the shallows (TV, Internet and electronic device of your choice).

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Reading and writing and writing and LITSY

I have still been reading and book reviewing for Paris Life in my Confessions of a Book Snob column -- but I find what they say is true, you can't blog and seriously write at the same time.  I've been seriously writing, having a great deal of fun with it,…

Opera Zinger -- Jay Hunter Morris

Posting this review from years back on Goodreads, in honor of Jay's amazing singing and Master Class today. If you missed it, you missed out, but don't worry he's coming to Dallas next year about this time for Moby Dick. In the meantime, you should read his book. Order it…

A List of Gems

I DID NOT have time to blog this summer due to being involved as Marmee and as Music Director in PCT's production of Little Women the Musical (and yes I need to blog about that).  But I DID read!  Of course!  So here are a few gems I experienced and…

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