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Susannah is a mechanical and biomedical engineer with a keen interest in early 19th century and late 11th and early 12th century British history. Her novels are set in Regency England, and she’s currently learning far more than she probably needs to about the Napoleonic Wars.

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New Character Development

This task was to look at story ideas you'd written in your notebook and choose one, then develop one character for it.My character, Duncan Tremaine, is a former professional basketball player. After the deaths of his brother and sister-in-law five months ago left him to raise their four-year-old daughter, Duncan…

Developing Plot

Today's assignment to develop your plot by asking yourself questions about why the character was in a particular place, why s/he looked the way s/he did, where s/he was going, etc. This assignment had no length restrictions, so no excessive cutting was required (as it was in the last assignment).I…

Generate Something New

Task: Generate something new. Limit of 350 words.I created a character to pair with the little girl I wrote last week. I have an idea for a novel in which they will be two of the three main characters. I had to edit down what I originally wrote because it…

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