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Author and keen reader of several genres, Susan Örnbratt has gone back to her university roots with a Canadian history minor by combining that with writing fictional love stories. Having lived in six countries, Susan enjoys weaving characters from different cultures and sometimes languages into one breathtaking story. Her debut historical women’s fiction novel, The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley will be released April 2015.

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What is a Lucky Writer?

How a Grandmother’s Secret Words Became a Granddaughter’s Treasure – a gift to publication Note: This post was first published as a guest post on Women’s Fiction Writers on April 21, 2015. What is a lucky writer? Is it one who attends the best school with the best writing programme?…

Book Launch – a Rock Star Night

Succulent would describe this past week. Juicy with a hundred to do’s on my To Do List before my first ever book launch. I had been planning for several weeks, trying out new recipes, making sure all the invitations were sent, organizing the music and running slideshow, preparing a gift…

Do You Need to Like a Main Character?

I recently read an article on whether it’s necessary or even helpful to like a main character. Helpful to what end? Finishing the book, I suppose. The writer didn’t feel a particular need to like main characters. I suppose it can be rather engaging to love to hate a certain…

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