Susan Meissner

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I write fiction that is a blend of historical and contemporary.

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Amazed by A House in the Sky

Awhile back, when the book Unbroken first came out, I told my husband that I wanted to read it because I loved Seabiscuit and I knew what an amazing writer Laura Hillenbrand was. I didn’t know much about Louie Zamperini (sad to say) so I had not heard prior to this the depths…

Staying the course

Ever had a season in your life when everything that is constant in your personal universe decides to change? One moment you’re putzing along in your little boat on a lazy, little river of which you know every bend, and the next you’re speeding down foamy rapids that don’t know…

Little things under the stars

So the book that I’ve been researching since last spring and writing since last summer is finally nearing its send-back day to my editor. This second draft has been an interesting, exhausting ride and I am eager to see if I have been able to pull of what I’ve wanted to…

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