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I write fiction that is a blend of historical and contemporary.

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The Disgruntled Viewer

First, a thousand apologies for neglecting the care and feeding of the blog. If you want to see my list of excuses, read to the end. One of the things I’ve been doing during the long, hot days of summer besides neglecting the blog is watching The Good Wife, all…

A remarkable book for any age

Was there a time when Young Adult lit was truly only for young adults? I am beginning to think maybe there was but it only lasted five minutes. I’ve been wowed over the last few years by more YA titles than my chronological age should allow. Ruta Sepetys’ page-turner, SALT TO THE…

A story of love, loss, and courage

When I began writing SECRETS OF CHARMED LIFE a couple years ago, I had only the vaguest of notions of how much London suffered during World War II. Here was a city teeming with civilians – mothers, pensioners, children too young to be evacuated or just plain not evacuated – and yet…

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