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I write fiction that is a blend of historical and contemporary.

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Silly Old Bear

  For as long as I can remember,¬†I’ve been a fan of the world of Christopher Robin — his Thousand Acre Wood and a toy bear named Pooh and all his toybox friends: a donkey named Eeyore, a Tigger that bounces, a Piglet who forever stays a piglet, Kanga and…

Love in a time of war

The best Mondays are the ones with book ¬†giveaways tucked inside them! I am so pleased to have as my guest today fellow San Diegan and author Jeanne Dickson and to give away the CD audio version of her new novel, Grounded Hearts. Here is a WW2 story I’m pretty…

Revisiting an old friend

So there I was at my local bookstore, browsing the children’s section for a baby shower gift (there is no better shower gift for a baby than a board book — can I hear an amen?) and I happened upon a lovely paperback copy of E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web,…

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