Susan Meissner

About me

I write fiction that is a blend of historical and contemporary.

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Three Girls discuss Gilmore Girls

Today I am happy to share the virtual microphone with friends and fellow novelists Rachel Hauck and Katie Ganshert – award-winning authors and all-around fantastic people. We’re tripling up for a review and reaction of Netflix’s long awaited and finally released A Year in the Life and hoping you will…

Quiet and yet full of sound

I’ve been a fan of Ann Patchett since Bel Canto many years ago. She is a master artist of the written word and as clever and insightful as they come. So naturally I was a happy clam when I got my hands on her newest, Commonwealth. The story starts out at…

Why I wrote a ghost story

I used to be scared of everything when I was little. Up-and-down carousel horses, the Michelin Man, Mr. Bubble, blimps, and steep hills, just to name a few things. When the rest of the family watched “Lost in Space” in the living room I had to hide out in my…

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