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Author of Amazon’s UK War chart number 1’s “Wolf’s Head”, and the sequel, “The Wolf and the Raven”, which are a new take on the Robin Hood legend, set in Yorkshire in 1321-22.

I was born in 1977, near Glasgow in Scotland. I live in Old Kilpatrick with my wife and two children.

Historical fiction is my favourite genre, but I also enjoy old science-fiction and some fantasy.

Bernard Cornwell’s King Arthur series was my biggest influence in writing “Wolf’s Head”, but I’ve also really enjoyed recent books by guys like Ben Kane, Anthony Riches, Douglas Jackson and Robert Low.

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Another stunning review for Rise of the Wolf

It’s always nerve-wracking when a Robin Hood scholar reads one of my books. They know the legend inside out and have their own ideas of how it should be treated. So I was very happy to read this quite fantastic review of my new book on Goodreads. Take a look…

Rise of the Wolf – The Forest Lord # 3 by Steven A. McKay

stormwatch1977:First review of Rise of the Wolf! Originally posted on Historical Fiction reviews: Just when things are such that Robin can spend time with his family, old and dangerous foes combine forces and the Wolf and his band of outlaws find themselves facing their greatest challenge to survive.  This is…

Wolf’s Head is FREE on Kindle!

UPDATE – FREE promotion is now finished. It ran for two days and 4,500 people all across the globe downloaded it! Hopefully a few of them enjoy and decide to buy the others. Yes, FREE! As part of the promotion for Rise of the Wolf coming out this Friday I…

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