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Author of Amazon’s UK War chart number 1’s “Wolf’s Head” and “The Wolf and the Raven”, which are a new take on the Robin Hood legend, set in Yorkshire in 1321-22. They are available on Kindle, paperback and as audiobooks.
The third book in the series, “Rise of the Wolf” has just been published.

I was born in 1977, near Glasgow in Scotland and live in Old Kilpatrick with my wife and two children.

Historical fiction is my favourite genre, but I also enjoy old science-fiction and some fantasy.

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Anyone fancy a FREE signed copy of KNIGHT OF THE CROSS?

  I’ve got some spare copies of my novella Knight of the Cross here, just hanging around smoking and drinking cider and acting like unruly teenagers so I thought I’d try and find them a good home. Cigarettes and Scrumpy just out of shot If you fancy a chance of winning…

US Amazon Giveaway

If you have a US postal address and fancy winning a free copy of the Wolf’s Head  paperback, check out this link:       Good luck!

Blood of the Wolf

Just wanted to post a little update since I haven’t said anything here for a while, so… The fourth and final Forest Lord book is coming along nicely (if a little slower than I’d like) – I read through it the other day and rather enjoyed it, which is always…

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