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Author of Amazon’s UK War chart number 1’s “Wolf’s Head”, and the sequel, “The Wolf and the Raven”, which are a new take on the Robin Hood legend, set in Yorkshire in 1321-22.

I was born in 1977, near Glasgow in Scotland. I live in Old Kilpatrick with my wife and two children.

Historical fiction is my favourite genre, but I also enjoy old science-fiction and some fantasy.

Bernard Cornwell’s King Arthur series was my biggest influence in writing “Wolf’s Head”, but I’ve also really enjoyed recent books by guys like Ben Kane, Anthony Riches, Douglas Jackson and Robert Low.

From my website

Heavy metal song inspired by Wolf’s Head

Here’s a metal song inspired by my debut novel Wolf’s Head. The band is called Black Mountain Thunder. If I was writing a song about the book this is almost exactly how I’d have done it – soft flute and female vocal intro then the hard stuff, with double-bass drumming and…

New book update

I have my editor’s notes back for Rise of the Wolf, the third book in my Forest Lord series. I have some work to do, although not as much as I did with Wolf’s Head, which required a major overhaul! I need to add some sections, tweak some of the structure and…

The Wolf and the Raven (The Forest Lord #2) By Steven A. McKay – Review

stormwatch1977:A fantastic new review of The Wolf and the Raven! Originally posted on David's Book Blurg: Title – The Wolf and the Raven (The Forest Lord #2) Author – Steven A. McKay Genre –  Historical Fiction Length –  327 Pages (Kindle) Publication – 7th April 2014 My Rating – 5/5 Stars Synopsis In the…

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