Steve Brigman

About me

When I went back to school in my mid-thirties, I really wanted to study creative writing, but that required a foreign language. So, armed with a journalism degree, I launched a newspaper career as a cop reporter, rising to managing editor in eight years. But I just wanted to write, and left the newsroom to become a full-time freelancer, writing magazine and newspaper feature stories, and the newspaper column: “Out in the Ozarks.” In 2008, a collection of those ramblings came out in: SOMEBODY’S GOTTA DO IT.”·I picked up my share of the countless awards out there, including a 1999 Press Club of Dallas Katie Award and the 2005 Missouri Conservation Communicator of the Year. Along the way, I spent three years producing “Bass Edge” TV while hammering out the beginnings of THE ORPHAN TRAIN. I’m currently busy editing my next novel and researching another. My bride of 38 years, Kathy, is my inspiration, along with Maggie, my muse who lies dutifully at my feet as I tap out every keystroke.

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