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I’m currently researching and writing my first book on the private life of William Pitt the Younger. My other work in progress is an historical fiction novel about Pitt’s tragic love affair with Eleanor Eden.

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'A Captivated Sailor': James Charles Pitt's childhood love poem

At the age of ten, James Charles Pitt (1761-1780), the youngest son of the Earl of Chatham, addressed a love poem to Lady Elizabeth Pratt (c. 1752-1826). She was a daughter of the first Lord Camden, and the two families were well-acquainted with one another. James was 10 at the…

Why was Pitt down in late August 1804?

Pitt's second ministry had begun in May 1804 under inauspicious circumstances. Britain was at war again with the Emperor Napoleon, and the pressure placed upon Pitt would have been astronomical. A sad glimpse of Pitt's mental state at the time was conveyed in a letter from Lavinia, the Countess Spencer, to…

Pitt's last prescription

Mr. Edwards, Surgeon at PutneyIt appears William Pitt's last prescription was written out on January 21, 1806 - two days before his death. A 'Mr. Edwards, Surgeon at Putney' was involved in Pitt's case, along with Sir Walter Farquhar (Pitt's usual physician from the mid-1790s onwards), Matthew Baillie (a nephew…

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