Stephanie Haxton

About me

Steph Haxton, historian and writer with a passion for seventeenth century social history, lives in West Cornwall. She has taught,freelanced as a living history specialist with contracts for museums and heritage organisations and managed education provision in Cornwall for English Heritage.
Commissioned to write a play to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the granting of Falmouth’s Town Charter by Charles II, Steph’s play ‘Remember’ premiered in October 2011.
Her debut novel ‘EXPOSED TO ALL VILLAINIES’, set in the SW of England during the tumult of the Civil War is available in paperback and at
“It’s no exaggeration to say historical fiction changed my life. Marryat’s ‘Children of the New Forest’ sparked my fascination for the English Civil War. I read Dorothy Dunnett’s ‘Checkmate’ and became addicted to the Lymond chronicles. Stir re-enactment as a family hobby, plus a job at an amazing Cornish castle and there’s the recipe for my career”

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