Sophie Perinot

About me

Sophie Perinot is the author of the acclaimed novel, “The Sister Queens” (NAL/Penguin 2012), which weaves the story of medieval sisters Marguerite and Eleanor of Provence who became queens of France and England respectively. Perinot’s next solo novel, “Medicis Daughter,” (2015/Thomas Dunne) travels forward three-hundred years to the intrigue-riven French Valois court, spinning the tale of beautiful princess Marguerite who walks the knife edge between the demands of her serpentine mother, Catherine de Medicis, and those of her own conscience.

Perinot is also involved in the high-concept novel-in-six-parts, “A Day of Fire” (November 2014). “A Day of Fire” tells the story of Pompeii’s last days though the eyes of a wide cast of characters from patricians to whores and through the voices of not one but six well-know historical authors.

When Sophie not prowling corners of the 13th and 16th centuries, she live in Great Falls Virginia with three children, three cats and one husband

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