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Sophie is an Australian author writing speculative and historical fiction and is particularly interested in cross-cultural issues and identity. Her alternate history of Russia in 1939 pitted the rights of an individual child against the stability of the State and shortlisted in the top six of the Terry Pratchett First Novel Prize. She has published short stories in several anthologies, including the title story in “Yellow Pearl and Other Stories”, a historical fiction anthology. She is currently extending “Yellow Pearl” into a novel. “Yellow Pearl” explores what it was like to be a Japanese Australian in WWII, what it might take to see the enemy as human, and what might have happened if someone had tried to use the Australian Japanese community the way Japanese Americans were used in military intelligence.

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Japanese Australians in pre-war Broome

Bringing Japanese Australian history to life On February 10-21st this year, Japanese-Australian photographer and writer Mayu Kanamori tells her story of exploring Australia’s past through the lost photographs of Yasukichi Murakami.  Murakami was a Japanese photographer, entrepreneur and inventor in pre-war Darwin and Broome.  Many of his stunning photographs were lost…

On this day 1941 – Arrest and Internment

On this day in 1941, Australian authorities arrived at the homes, business and schools of Japanese residents bearing arrest warrants.  Even third generation Japanese Australians had to be registered as aliens under the Acts of the time, so the names and addresses of every person were known in advance, and…

Japanese Australians in WWII

Browsing in the awesome Kimberley Bookshop in Broome I came across Noreen Jone’s book Number 2 Home, which explores the history of the Japanese in Western Australia.   I was intrigued: I’d heard a lot about the role of Chinese and Afghan/Pakistani people in Australia’s history, as well as English, Scots,…

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