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Any challenge is a good challenge: whether you win or not, you still learn a lot about yourself, what works for you, what needs to be improved. In my case, Inktober has proven absolutely excellent for producing sketches without too … Continue reading →

INKTOBER DAY 18: Ink Goblin

You may want to ask, what happened to Days 14 to 17? Well, my back happened. I have some problems with my vertebrae and now and then I overdo it (or not, sometimes it is just a normal movement, like … Continue reading →

INKTOBER DAYS 11, 12 & 13

My back is aching these days (I only tried to do some tidying up, not even something fun!) so I’m slower than I would like to be, but! I did find my lovely Intense Black China Ink by Lefranc & … Continue reading →

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