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EARLY FOOTAGE: Mark Twain, 1909

The only existing footage of Mark Twain shot by Thomas Edison in 1909 I’ve been watching this video, this ‘found footage’, over and over in the last few weeks. Mark Twain. I can see him, moving on film. I’ve read … Continue reading →

Freight Books to publish debut novel ‘Goblin’

Originally posted on blood on forgotten walls: “Bones, doll parts, a shrew head, a camera.” – Goblin Morning, creatures! I come bearing good news – Freight will be publishing my debut novel Goblin in 2017. I’m thrilled to be joining…

Covers – 1926-1947

From The New York Public Library Digital Collections: Despite the fact that dust jackets often include useful information about a book and its author, including biographical notes and often a portr… Source: Covers – 1926-1947 | The Passive Voice | … Continue reading →

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