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Sherry Jones is the author of five published works of biographical fiction about women’s empowerment in a patriarchal world, the latest of which is THE SHARP HOOK OF LOVE, a novel of the famous 12th-century Parisian lovers Heloise and Abelard. Her previous books are WHITE HEART and FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS, both tales of powerful women in 13th century Europe, and THE JEWEL OF MEDINA and THE SWORD OF MEDINA, about A’isha bint Abi Bakr, the youngest and favorite wife of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. She was also featured in the 2014 book TRUTHFUL FICTIONS, a book of interviews with American biographical fiction writers including Joyce Carol Oates, Anita Diamond, and Michael Cunningham, written by University of Minnesota Professor Michael Lackey (Bloomsbury). Sherry’s books have been published in 20 languages, and she has given speeches and panel presentations around the world on women in Islam and free speech. She lives in Spokane, Washington.

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Intuition or Id? Who Cares??

Listen to your intuition! You know, that inner voice telling you when something isn’t right–and when it is? It’s not easy to do, especially at first. Like a muscle– and like the doll in the girl’s pocket in the “Women Who Run With the Wolves” story–intuition gets stronger the more…

My Body: A Lover’s Tour

It’s National Love Your Body Day, the day on which girls and women are invited to reject the media hype about how we are supposed to look — and embrace ourselves with all our lumps, bumps, scars, and flaws. I love my body, and its every aspect, from head to…

Serious fiction? Waste of time? Who cares?

Eleanor Catton’s Booker-Prize-winning novel is a romp–but worth all the time to read? Eleanor Catton’s historical fiction book THE LUMINARIES is a rollicking, tongue-in-cheek parody of the overblown, overwritten, melodramatic 19th-century novel and a page-turning murder mystery, to boot. Like the gold it’s written about, the book dazzles the reader…

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