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Shauna Roberts is the author of the historical novels Like Mayflies in a Stream and Claimed by the Enemy, both set in ancient Mesopotamia. She also writes fantasy and science fiction, is a 2009 graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop, and received the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Older Writers Grant in 2011.

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Fun holiday presents that do good!

Yesterday I realized I still needed to get a few presents and was scouring the Web for ideas. I allow browsers to track where I go, and as a result, I get ads tailored (usually) to my interests. An ad for The Elephant Pants company popped up, and I realized that…

New interview with me

I was interviewed at the blog "CT Commie Tiger Mommy" (subtitled "America's most Irish author to come out of Eastern Europe"), and was asked some interesting questions. If you're interested in reading this post, which is not too long, please visit:✥✥✥✥✥In other news, I spent the first weekend in November…

Moon gods of ancient Mesopotamia

This post, part of the Broad Universe Full Moon Blog Tour, is lo-o-o-ng, so here's a roadmap. First comes my moon-related post with many illustrations. Then comes the Rafflecopter for the blog tour and a list of other blogs participating in the blog tour, where you can enter other contests.…

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