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Sharman Burson Ramsey is a graduate of the University of Alabama (BS) and Troy University (MS). Her interest in genealogy led her to the discovery of her Native American heritage. Research into that heritage has culminated in the Serpents Series of novels beginning with Swimming with Serpents set during the Creek Indian War (1813-1814.

Following survivors of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, Nest of Vipers, the sequel to Swimming with Serpents, presents the First Seminole War from the American, British, Native American and Black perspectives with pirates active in the Gulf at that time thrown adding even more adventure!

Taught to write what you know, Sharman Burson Ramsey writes about the South with its rich heritage and great cultural diversity. She maintains a general interest (what she’s generally interested in) website about all things Southern The most frequented pages of that website are Southern Wedding and Southern Manners and Etiquette.

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On the Women's March

On the Women's March. I wish I had written this. It says EXACTLY what I wish I had written. I would love to know the original source of this post. Please share if you know. I'd like to friend that person. I am not a "disgrace to women" because I don't…

The Civil War in Education: Why we should loose the bonds of enslavement to the Progressive Agenda and the National Education Association

This is a Power Point I prepared to present to a group of legislators who are accustomed to trusting "professionals." These "professionals" are the ones who have caused the problems and yet we trust them to fix them? This is a history of how we came to the position we…

SOLVE PROBLEMS OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Hope on the Horizon with Betsy Devoss

This letter to the Editor was written in the 1990s. It is now 2017 and the schools are as bad if not worse than before. Everything I wrote then remains true, only now there is the hope of change in Betsy Devoss whose campaign has long been to free children…

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