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Sharman Burson Ramsey is a graduate of the University of Alabama (BS) and Troy University (MS). Her interest in genealogy led her to the discovery of her Native American heritage. Research into that heritage has culminated in the Serpents Series of novels beginning with Swimming with Serpents set during the Creek Indian War (1813-1814.

Following survivors of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, Nest of Vipers, the sequel to Swimming with Serpents, presents the First Seminole War from the American, British, Native American and Black perspectives with pirates active in the Gulf at that time thrown adding even more adventure!

Taught to write what you know, Sharman Burson Ramsey writes about the South with its rich heritage and great cultural diversity. She maintains a general interest (what she’s generally interested in) website about all things Southern The most frequented pages of that website are Southern Wedding and Southern Manners and Etiquette.

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Before and After: The Cottage in the Cove

The Cottage in the Cove     My husband and I had spent a lot of time throughout our life at my parent's cottage on Panama City Beach. We thought we knew the Panama City area well. Then my brother, sister and I sold the cottage on the Beach and my…

In Defense of Trump

In Defense of Trump am a Trump supporter. Inspired by my posting this on my Facebook page, a friend sent me this message.  I decided to answer in depth on this blog. 
"I was stunned to see your post today! Donald Trump is an evil, inexperienced, hateful man. How could you support…

Trump and Misogyny?

Misogynist seems to be Trump's enemies' favored word of the week.Melania Trump says her husband treats women just like he treats men. Does that make him a misogynist or are feminists reaping what they have sown? Feminists protest that they want equality. Then a man treats them with the same…

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