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Sharman Burson Ramsey is a graduate of the University of Alabama (BS) and Troy University (MS). Her interest in genealogy led her to the discovery of her Native American heritage. Research into that heritage has culminated in the Serpents Series of novels beginning with Swimming with Serpents set during the Creek Indian War (1813-1814.

Following survivors of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, Nest of Vipers, the sequel to Swimming with Serpents, presents the First Seminole War from the American, British, Native American and Black perspectives with pirates active in the Gulf at that time thrown adding even more adventure!

Taught to write what you know, Sharman Burson Ramsey writes about the South with its rich heritage and great cultural diversity. She maintains a general interest (what she’s generally interested in) website about all things Southern The most frequented pages of that website are Southern Wedding and Southern Manners and Etiquette.

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The "good people" at Charlottesville

I think those Yankee newscasters must have never heard of the United Daughters of the Confederacy when they mock the President saying he imagines there were good people standing there. I imagine honorable ladies, daughters of the Confederacy, would have stood there in quiet vigil with a permit for peaceful…

Mint Julep Trilogy offers answer for progressing toward respect for the contributions of all our nation's founders

Chapter Nine in Book 2 (Mint Juleps and Murder) of the Mint Julep Trilogy contains my answer for progressing towards respecting the contributions of all our nation's founders -- Black and White. Let us chronicle the contributions of those who labored and thus honor their legacy to all of us.Chapter…

On the Road to Hunger Games

On the Road to Hunger GamesPlato envisioned a world where an elite group of philosopher kings would rule. He argues that a specific education available to the few would prepare these philosopher kings for their duties.  Such a group would be insulated from those they govern and rule by pure theory. Have…

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