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Shannon Selin is the author of Napoleon in America (2014), which imagines what might have happened if Napoleon Bonaparte had escaped from exile on St. Helena and wound up in the United States in 1821. Her short stories have appeared in The Copperfield Review and CommuterLit. Shannon blogs about Napoleonic and 19th century history at She lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she is working on the next novel in her Napoleon alternate history series.

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Felipe de la Garza, the general who captured Iturbide

The execution of Agustín de Iturbide at Padilla, after his arrest by Felipe de la Garza Felipe de la Garza was the most important military figure in Nuevo Santander (present-day Tamaulipas) during the 1820s. He spent the early part of his military career in Texas. Though De la Garza remained…

How the 20 Questions game came to America

Perhaps it’s time for a game of 20 Questions. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images;; Have you ever played 20 Questions? This popular 19th century parlour game became the basis for a number of 20th century radio and television quiz shows. Though it has been said that the…

The birth of Napoleon Bonaparte

The house in Ajaccio, Corsica in which Napoleon Bonaparte was born. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on Tuesday, August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, Corsica. France had acquired Corsica from the Italian city-state of Genoa the year before. Napoleon’s parents were Carlo and Letizia (Ramolino) Buonaparte. Their first surviving child, Giuseppe (Joseph), was…

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