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Shannon Selin is the author of Napoleon in America (January 2014), which imagines what might have happened if Napoleon Bonaparte had escaped from exile on St. Helena and wound up in the United States in 1821. Her short stories have appeared in The Copperfield Review and CommuterLit. Shannon blogs about Napoleonic and 19th century history at She lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she is working on the next novel in her Napoleon series.

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Fanny Fern on marriage in the 19th century

When I was researching Napoleon in America character James Many, I came across an amusing piece of satire in the March 9, 1852 edition of the Richmond, Virginia Daily Dispatch. It appeared on the same page as the description of Many’s Mardi Gras funeral, under the headline: “Aunt Hetty on…

Was Napoleon superstitious?

“The little red man rocking his son. Here is my darling son who has given me so much satisfaction.” French caricature mocking Napoleon’s supposed superstition about the Red Man. Copyright McGill University. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica, an island known at the time for the “egregious superstition” of its…

Frontier Colonel James B. Many

Illustration of Zebulon Pike’s adventures exploring the upper Mississippi, where Pike encountered James B. Many in 1806. [Source: The Boy’s Story of Zebulon M. Pike, edited by Mary Gay Humphreys (New York, 1911)]Colonel James B. Many, the US Army officer who is sent to investigate Napoleon’s activities in Napoleon in…

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