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Sarah Kennedy is the author of The Cross and the Crown series of Tudor novels from Knox Robinson Publishing. She also writes historical poetry.

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The Mind’s Weather

It’s hot this July in Virginia–very hot–and I’m drafting a new novel, set in Arkansas (the place where some of my relatives came from). Gypsy says, “Would you mind carrying me the rest of the way home?” When I’m in the middle of writing a novel, I often find that…

Point of View: Painting the Picture

My husband and I recently watched the film The Witch, and though there was much I admired about this movie, something about it troubled me.  The setting was appropriately eerie and rough, the costumes were period-correct, and the dialogue was very, very plausible.  The acting was great.  As a study in…

The King’s Sisters now in Paperback and Kindle Editions!

The King’s Sisters is now available from Amazon in paperback and e-book.  Get yours today!  

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