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Sandy Frykholm has worked as a writer in public relations, journalism, poetry, and plays. An avid reader of historical fiction, her current pursuit is writing novels set in the medieval Kingdom of Naples and the Mediterranean area.

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House for sale in Sicily

One of my favorite bloggers about Italian things (in this case, Sicilian things) has her house near Palermo for sale now that she has moved to England. Isn’t it a beauty? The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife Yes, I am gutted. I need to sell my house in…

Dracula in Naples?

Southern Italy is full of surprises for me, and here is the latest: reported evidence that the 15th century Eastern European prince known as Vlad Dracula is buried in Naples! I knew that the royal family of Naples in this period had ties to several Eastern European kingdoms and principalities,…

Winter pasta: Pasta e fagioli

These first days of 2017 have been frosty where I live, and this recipe for pasta e fagioli seems like the perfect supper tonight. Do you have a simple go-to Italian supper? Please share in the comments! The Italian South The pasta e fagioli I made while writing this blog…

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