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Sandy Frykholm has worked as a writer in public relations, journalism, poetry, and plays. An avid reader of historical fiction, her current pursuit is writing novels set in the medieval Kingdom of Naples and the Mediterranean area.

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June 2: Festa della Repubblica in Italy

Today marks the 69th birthday of the Italian Republic. Google Italy has a special doodle for the occasion: And here’s how one Italian storyteller imagines a future Italy–a sweet story told in Italian, with English subtitles.

A Sicilian surprise at Grant’s Farm in Missouri

You never know where the Italian south is going to show up. My daughter and her husband planned a family outing when I visited them this month near St. Louis, Missouri. Grant’s Farm looked like a family-friendly place that their toddler daughter would enjoy, and the history of the place…

New world record from Molise?

Snow in Capracotta. Image from the website, which also provides ski information in three languages. We rarely hear from Molise, that region southeast of Abruzzo, northwest of Puglia. Molise extends from the mountains of central Italy to the Adriatic coast. But a village in Molise made international news today, boasting…

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