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Sandy Frykholm has worked as a writer in public relations, journalism, poetry, and plays. An avid reader of historical fiction, her current pursuit is writing novels set in the medieval Kingdom of Naples and the Mediterranean area.

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About Pompeii: A New Book

Some of you kn0w, from earlier posts, that I think the ancient ruins of Pompeii¬†are fascinating, and a “must see” for visitors to the Italian south. I have been there twice, and would not hesitate to see it again. First visit to Pompeii, Feb. 2004 And now, in fiction, the…

Ferragosto, two years ago today…

Two years ago today we joined the crowds in my ancestral village of Scigliano, Calabria to watch the procession. Many great memories of our visit!

Hunting in Italy

Two years ago today, Vern and I were driving on a rural road in Calabria and noticed this sign. Warning, “Hunting for wild boar in the road, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.” (Anybody with better Italian than mine: Have I translated that correctly?) We did not see any of the said…

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